Common Phrasal Verbs A-B



account for sth  hesap vermek, nedenini göstermek, açıklamak  I can’t account for my mistake.


act sth out sahneye koymak The players acted the story out successfully.


add sth on dahil etmek He added 10 p on to the bill as extra expenses.


add up Mantıklı görünmek, inandırıcı olmak Your story doesn’t add up. I don’t believe you.


add (sth) up  toplamını hesaplamak Can you add up the items on the bill?


add up to sth. 1 yekun tutmak, bulmak The bill adds up to $ 345.  2 göstermek, demek olmak, anlamına gelmek What do those words add up to?


allow for sb/sth  hesaba katmak, göz önünde bulundurmak Do we have enough money for the journey? But you must allow for extra expenses.


answer back kendini savunmak He can’t answer back in that position.


ask after sb halini, hatırını sormak My uncle asked after my father when I saw him.


ask sb in içeri davet etmek My father asked our neighbours in.


ask sb out partiye vb. davet etmek. He asked her girlfriend out


back sb/sth up desteklemek, arka çıkmak My mother always backs me up. I back up your idea.


back sth up yedeklemek


bargain for / on sth hesaba katmak, ummak I left home late but I hadn’t bargained

for missing the bus.


be after sth peşinde olmak The police are after the robbers.


be against sth karşı olmak I’m against the idea of the equality of man and woman.


be cut out for / to be sth bir şey için biçilmiş kaftan olmak He looks as if he is cut out for this job. He is cut out to be a teacher.


be for sth lehinde olmak I’m for the idea of the equality of man and woman.


be over sona ermek The game is over. When the film was over, we switched off the TV.


bear sb/sth out doğrulamak, haklı çıkarmak The evidences bear out what he says.


bear with sb/sth sabır etmek, dayanmak I can’t bear with him any more. He is irritating


believe in sb/sth varlığına inanmak I believe in Allah and the life after death.


blow up patlamak, patlak vermek The car blew up. A storm blew up suddenly. My father blew up when I broke the vase.


blow sth up 1. havaya uçurmak They blew up the box. 2. Şişirmek The child blew up the balloon.


break away (from sb/sth) kaçmak; ayrılmak A prisoner broke away from the guards. 


break down 1. bozulmak My car broke down   2. başarısız olmak, sonuçsuz kalmak The new system broke down.


break down hislerine hakim olamamak, yıkılmak He broke down on hearing the bad news.


break sth down parçalamak, yıkmak The man broke down the door and entered the room.


break into sth zorla (kapı pencere kırarak vb) içeri girmek The robbers broke into my house last night.


break sth off sona erdirmek They broke off their friendship.


break out çıkmak, patlak vermek The war broke out yesterday. Fire broke out in the cinema last night.


break out (of sth) kaçmak The man broke out of the prison.


break up sona ermek The party broke up


break up (with sb) ayrılmak, ilişkiyi sona erdirmek Unfortunately they broke up last week. He’s broken up with her girlfriend


break (sth) up tamamen parçalanmak; parçalamak


bring about sth  sebeb olmak, meydana getirmek The invention of the mobile phone has brought about a lot of changes in our lives.


bring sth back 1 geri getirmek; hatırlatmak That music brings their wedding days back to me. 2 geri getirmek They want to bring old methods back.


bring sth down indirmek, düşürmek


bring sth in (yasa vb.) sunmak, getirmek, üretmek


bring sth off başarmak, başarılı bir şekilde yapmak, elde etmek He can bring off his role in the film.


bring sth on sebeb olmak, yol açmak Fatness brings on a lot of ilnessses.


bring sth out üretmek, piyasaya çıkarmak They brought out a new model.


bring sb up yetiştirmek, büyütmek I was brought up in Denizli. His grandparents brought up this child


bring sth up 1 ortaya atmak Someone must bring up a good idea. 2 kusmak


bump into sb/sth çarpmak; rastlamak I bumped into an old friend in the town.


burst into sth bir şeye patlarcasına başlamak It burst into flames