Advanced Level – İngilizce Seviye Testi

  • Advanced Level – İngilizce Seviye Testi

  1. How many _____ will you be checking in?

  1. We couldn’t find any return tickets as we ______ any in advance.

  1. A __________ is a holiday during which you travel on a ship or boat and visit a number of places.

  1. Captain Colt __________ for two years by the time his ship runs out of fuel.

  1. By the time the fire brigade arrived, the building ________ by the fire completely. It was too late.

  1. The fire is reported ____________ two days ago.

  1. ________ thing about being a university student is you have to cook yourself.

  1. I must finish this work _______ tomorrow morning.

  1. The hotel __________ we stayed at the weekend had a wonderful view over the valley.

  1. You should help the passengers _____ flight was cancelled.

  1. If _______, she would have lost weight.

  1. They walked on their tiptoes along the corridor ___________ wake up the household.

  1. The teacher was angry with the whole class as _______ of the students had done their homework.

  1. Cultural differences distinguish societies from _________

  1. If my son didn’t spend so much time _______ the computer, his school grades wouldn’t be so disappointing.

  1. Commercials should be created _____ professionally that they can become a piece of TV art.

  1. George is responsible ____ the mistake; however, he is not aware ____ the seriousness of the situation.

  1. _______ she has to get up early for school, she insists on staying up late.

  1. Unless your body works properly, ____

  1. We are _____ we repeatedly do.

  1. A: Look! The street is wet.
B: _______

  1. A: Ι’m very happy. Ι’ve won the exam.
B: _________

  1. The hotel was not comfortable enough to stay at for another day, _____

  1. Obesity affects ____ the body ____ the mind of the person. For instance, an obese person may suffer from a heart problem or depression or both.

  1. A: ______ .
B: Neither do Ι.