take after sb benzemek They say I quite take after my mum.


take sb in aldatmak His appearance took me in.


take sth in anlamak I took in.


take off (uçak) havalanmak The plane takes off at six


take sb off taklidini yapmak This actor takes off  the politicians very well.


take sth off 1 (kıyafet) çıkarmak You should take off your coat before entering the room. 2 izne ayrılmak I want to take a day off.


take sb on işe almak Employers take on fewer old people nowadays.


take sth on üzerine almak I don’t like taking on extra work.


take sth out bir yere götürmek I took the dog out for a walk.


take sth out aldırmak, çıkarmak He took a tooth out at the dentist’s


take sth out (of sth) çıkarmak, çekmek He took a book out of his bag.


take (sth) over (yönetim) devralmak He is taking over this job. After his father got retired, he took over the job


take to sth/sb sevmek Did you take to your new school?


take up sth zaman almak, yer kaplamak Doing this homework may take up half of my day and energy.


take sth up (hobi vb) başlamak He took up fishing as a hobby. ( go in for )


tell sb/sth off azarlamak The teacher told me off for being late.


think of sth aklına gelmek, düşünmek, göz önüne almak I can’t think of any reason for the accident.


think sth out tasarlamak


think sth up (düşünce, fikir) bulmak to think up a good idea.


throw sth away çöpe atmak  That laptop is useless. Throw it away.


try sth on (giysi vb) üzerinde denemek Can I try this jacket on, please?


try sb/sth out denemek, tecrübe etmek He always tries out everything before buying.


turn away başını çevirmek


turn sb/sth down geri çevirmek, reddetmek He turned down the job. I wanted to

lend him money but he turned me down.


turn sth down (teyp, radyo) kısmak Turn the radio down.


turn sth off (elektrikli aletleri) kapamak


turn sth on (elektrikli aletleri) açmak


turn out (to be sth) 1. değişmek; -leşmek The weather turned out worse.2. Ortaya çıkmak, anlaşılmak, sonuçlanmak It turned out that he was the murderer. The car I bought turned out to be very old.


turn sth out kapatmak, söndürmek Turn the lights out.


turn to sth sayfayı açmak Turn to page 56.


turn up 1 gelmek, görünmek He finally turned up at the door. 2 meydana çıkmak My misssing things haven’t turned up yet.


turn sth up (ses, ısı, ışık) açmak It’s cold; turn the heater up!


wait on sb hizmet etmek


walk off with sth 1 kazanmak He walked up with a lot of prizes. 2 alıp götürmek he walked up with my lighter.


warm up ısınmak


wash (sth) out yıkayarak çıkarmak, yıkayarak çıkmak


wash (sth) up 1 bulaşık yıkamak He washed the spoons up. 2 elini yüzünü yıkamak, yıkanmak I’ll wash up and go out. 3 kıyıya atmak The body was washed up on the beach.


watch out dikkat etmek


watch out for sb/sth dikkat etmek You should watch out for snakes.


wear (sth) away aşınmak, aşındırmak, kaybolmak


wear (sth) down aşınmak, aşındırmak


wear off etkisi azalmak


wear (sth) out eskimek, yıpranmak, eskitmek, yıpratmak His jeans wears out quickly. You mustn’t wear out your shoes.


wear sb out yormak His manager worked him out.


work out yolunda gitmek Everything works out. idman yapmak. We work out every morning. Sonuca gelmek The accident worked out at $ 50000


work sb out (birini) anlamak No one can work her up.


work sth out 1 çözmek I worked out the solution. I should work out the problem as soon as possible .  2 hesaplamak I worked out the coast. planlamak


work up to sth giderek artmak The oil prices work up to one dollar


write sth down not etmek, yazmak Tell the number again. I’ll write it down. (put down – not etmek)