call at uğramak, kısa ziyarette bulunmak He called at his office.


call sb back telefon eden birisine sonra tekrar telefon etmek If I remember

something, I’ll call you back.


call for sb/sth 1 gerektirmek; istemek The job calls for a lot of attention. He is calling for a meeting about the problem. 2 gelip almak I’ll call for you at six for the party.


call sth off iptal etmek, durdurmak They called off the flights because of the heavy snow.


call on sb/sth uğramak I called on an old friend yesterday.


call (sth) out  çağırmak, seslenmek, bağırmak


call sb/sth up 1 birine telefon etmek Why did he call you up last night? 2 birini askere çağırmak   3 bir şeyi bir kimseyi hatırlatmak This music called up my first day here.


care about sb/sth umursamak Who do you think you are? I don’t care about you. (umursamak)


care for sb/sth hoşlanmak She cares of that boy.


care for sb bakmak, bakımıyla ilgilenmek They are caring for their grandmother at



carry sth off başarmak He had difficulty at first but he carried it off.


carry (sth) on devam etmek, sürdürmek He carried on his speech.


carry on (with sth/ doing sth) devam etmek, sürdürmek No one helped me but I carried on. He will carry on with the same coach until the end of the year. If you want to live happily, you must carry on smiling.


carry sth out 1 (emir, plan, vb.) yerine getirmek We should carry out the instructions 2 yapmak, ifa etmek You will carry out the experiment carefully.


catch on 1 kavramak Again please. I couldn’t catch on. 2 tutulmak, populer olmak The new style didn’t catch on.


catch up (with sb) / catch sb up yetişmek, aynı seviyeye gelmek I ran and catch up with my friends. You should study much harder to catch up with your friends.


catch up on sth arayı kapatmak, daha önce tamamlayamadığın şeyleri yetiştirmek I worked in the office all the weekend to catch up on my work.


check in (otel, havaalanı) giriş yapmak, adını kaydettirmek We checked in at the hotel.


check out (otel vb.den) çıkış yapmak


cheer sb on tezahürat yapmak, moral vermek


cheer (sth / sb) up neşelenmek; neşelendirmek


clear up (hava) açmak, iyileşmek


clear sth up anlaşılmayan yeri açıklamak  He cleared the misunderstanding up.


clear (sth) up düzeltmek, temizlemek You must clear up your room.


come about meydana gelmek When did the incident come about?


come across sb/sth rastlamak, karşılaşmak I came accross an old friend at the

Türkish bath. He has come across a difficult problem.


come along görünmek, gelmek He came along in the end.


come along with sb eşlik etmek, birlikte gelmek


come by sth elde etmek, bulmak How did you come by these expensive things as a civil servant? In which supermarket can you come by this product?


come down  1 çökmek, yere düşmek The trees came down during the storm last night. 2 (fiyatlar) aşağı inmek, aşağı düşmek The price of oil has come down.


come down with sth (hastalık) yakalanmak He’s come down with asthma.


come in for sth maruz kalmak, -e uğramak His work came in for a  lot of admiration.


come into sth miras almak He came into a lot of money.


come off 1 yerinden çıkmak The handle has come off; I can’t open the door. 2 sonuç vermek I hope our plan will come off all right.


come off (sth) düşmek He came off the horse.


come on  1 ortaya çıkmak Come on!  2 Hadi.Who will answer? Come on.


come out ortaya çıkmak; piyasaya çıkmak The truth will come out one day. My book finally came out.


come out (of sth) (leke vs.) çıkmak


come over sb müteessir etmek The news came over her.


come through (sth) (hastalık vs) kurtulmak, sağ kalmak He came through the accident.


come to kendine gelmek In the end he came to. When I came to, I was lying on the ground


come up 1 yaklaşmak, günü gelmek The holiday is coming up. 2 (bitki) çıkmak 3 (ay, güneş) doğmak 4 gündeme gelmek The subject came up again.


come up against sb/sth (güçlük vb) karşılaşmak They didn’t come up with any problem.


come up with sth (fikir, plan, çare) ortaya atmak, önermek The scientists came up with a solution.


cope (with sth/sb ) başa çıkmak, üstesinden gelmek


count on/upon sb/sth (rely on) güvenmek, bel bağlamak You can’t count on him. He will let you down..


count sb/sth out 1. teker teker saymak He counted the money out. 2. hesaba katmamak, saymamak Count me out. I’m not playing. 3. 10’a kadar sayıldığı halde kalkmayan boksörü yenik ilan etmek The tall boxer was counted out in the first round.


cross sth off (sth) (liste vs.den) çıkarmak They crossed my name off the list.


cross sth out çizmek, çıkarmak Cross out the mistakes on you paper.


cut back (on sth) kısmak, azaltmak The government has cut back on public expenditure.


cut sth down 1 kesmek, devirmek They cut down a lot of trees every year. 2 (bir şeyin uzunluğunu) kısaltmak


cut down (on sth) azaltmak, kısmak You must cut down on smoking. Cut down on expenses.


cut (sth/sb) off (elektrik, su vb.) kesmek The electricity was cut off last night.


cut sth out 1 kesmek, biçmek, kırpmak He cut out a dress from the cloth 2 yarıda kesmek, bırakmak Cut out watching that stupid film. 3 (bir alışkanlığı veya işi) çıkarmak, kesmek He cut out drinking cola.


cut in (on sb/sth) sözünü, yolunu kesmek I tried to finish my speech but he kept cutting in.


cut sb/sth off  (telefon, hat, bağlantı vs.) kesmek The electricity was cut off. The police cut off all routes.


cut sth out (of sth)  kesip çıkarmak Cut this picture out of the magazin.


deal in sth ticaretini yapmak He deals in second hand books.


deal with sb / sth 1 ilgilenmek, uğraşmak, meşgul olmak he deals with this problem. 2 hakkında olmak, ele almak The book deals with a lonely man and his beautiful wife.


die away azalarak dinmek The sound of the siren died away as the ambulance drove away.


die down  yatışmak,hafiflemek The storm died down. His anger died down.


die out soyu tükenmek, ortadan kalkmak Dinasours died out thousands of years ago.

Some customs are dying out.


do away with sth lağvetmek, ortadan kaldırmak, kurtulmak They have done away with royal families.


do sb in 1 öldürmek They did the man induring the fight. incitmek He did his arm in during the match. 2 yorgunluktan bitirmek The match did me in.


do sth up 1 tamir etmek They did the broken shelf up in the kitchen. 2 (düğme, fermuar, bağcık vb) iliklemek, bağlamak My little brother can’t do his shoelaces up by himself. He did up his suitcase and went out.


do with (sth) 1 ihtiyacı olmak, gereksinmek I do with coffee in the mornings. 2 tolerans göstermek, tahammül etmek You should do with my stupid ideas as long as we live together.


do without (sth) (bir şey olmadan) idare etmek   Some people can’t do without tea. We have to do without money until next week.


doze off içi geçmek, uyuya kalmak


draw back geri çekilmek, vaz geçmek Our plan hasn’t worked, I will draw back.


draw up (araç) durmak The bus drew up near us.


draw sth up belge düzenlemek He drew up a contract.


drop by/in / drop in on sb uğramak, bir yere habersizce damlamak We dropped in and talked to her.


drop off uyuya kalmak He dropped off during the conference.


drop sb/sth off  indirmek, bırakmak Drop me off here, please.


drop out (of sth) yarıda bırakmak He dropped out of the race. I couldn’t finish university, I dropped out.