end up (in sth / as sth / doing sth) son bulmak, sonunda varmak The robbers ended up in prison.


face up to sth kabullenmek, cesaretle karşılamak He faced up to these difficulties and went on her way.


fall about kendini tutamayıp gülmek I fell about I heard the joke.


fall apart 1. dökülmek, parçalanmak This book is very old and it is falling apart. 2 başarısızlıkla sonuçlanmak


fall behind geride kalmak Don’t fall behind the leaders.


fall back on sb/sth çaresizlikten başvurmak, kullanmak, muhtaç olmak We fell back on our old car after we had to the new car.


fall for sb aşık olmak Can’t you see that he fell for you?


fall for sth kanmak I don’t fall for your story


fall out (with sb) münakaşa etmek, arayı bozmak He has fallen out with his girlfriend


fall through (plan vs) suya düşmek He planned to buy a house but it fell through.


feel like sth / doing sth canı istemek I feel like drinking a coffee at the moment.


figure on sth/doing sth ummak, planlamak I figure on finishing the job until next week.


figure sb / sth out anlamak  No one could figure me out but you.


fill sth in / fill sth out doldurmak, tamamlamak Can you fill in this form, please?


find sth out keşfetmek, bulmak, öğrenmek Have you found out the murderer yet?


fix sb up (with sth) (buluşma, iş vs) ayarlamak How did you meet Dad, Mum? Someone fixed me up.


fool about / around aptalca şeyler yapmak, oynamak I can’t take a photo unless you stop fooling around.