keep away from sb/sth uzak durmak


keep off sth uzak durmak, yanaşmamak You must keep off this stove. Keep off the grass


keep sb/sth off sb/ sth uzak tutmak, yanaştırmamak He kept me off his land.


keep on (doing sth) sürdürmek, yapıp durmak He keeps on saying the same things. He kept on walking despite the rain


keep out (of sth) uzak durmak ‘Private property. Keep out.’ Keep out of the kitchen


keep up (with sb /sth) ayak uydurmak, geri kalmamak, aynı seviyede gitmek I can’t keep up with you. Please walk slowly. We should keep up with technology


knock sb out nakavt etmek, bayıltmak The blow on the head has knocked the man out.


knock sb/sth over devirmek


lead up to sth yol çmak What led up to the accident?


leave sth out hariç bırakmak, ihmal etmek, dahil etmemek You must leave out the unnecessary explanations. You can leave out difficult questions.


let sb down yarı yolda bırakmak You won’t let me down, will you?


live on yaşamak, yaşamayı sürdürmek His songs live on.


live on sth ile yaşamak, geçinmek She could live on that money.  He has lived on bread and water for days.


live through sth görüp geçirmek My grandmother lived through hard days. They lived through the two world wars.


live up to sth (söz, beklenti) gerçekleştirmek He’ll live up to his dreams.


look after sb/sth bakmak, ilgilenmek He is looking after his sick grandmother.


look back (on sth) geriye (geçmişe) bakmak I look back on the past to see my mistakes


look for sb/sth aramak I’m looking for my glasses


look forward to sth/doing sth dört gözle beklemek I’m looking forward to the holiday


look into sth araştırmak The police looked into the case


look on seyirci kalmak They stole the money but the guards just looked on


look out dikkat etmek Look out! A dog is coming


look sth over incelemek, gözden geçirmek He looked over the shoes and wore them.


look through sth göz atmak


look sth up (sözlük, ansiklopedi vb.den) bakmak I will look the word up in the dictionary.