Dilekler ve Wish Yapısı Diyaloğu

Ahmet: Can you help me please? I am looking for a CD by a Bosnian singer.

Shopkeeper: Yes, of course, Sir. Do you remember the singer’s name?

Ahmet: I wish I could remember. But, I can’t. But he really makes good music. You can hear typical Balkan melodies in his songs.

Shopkeeper: I have an idea. Let me show you some Bosnian singers’ CD. If you happen to see your favourite just show me.

Ahmet: That is a good idea. Let’s start it.

Shopkeeper: Here you are nearly 10 different CDs by different singers or groups.

Ahmet: Oh, here it is Dino Merlin. He is one of my favourites and this is the CD; Hotel Nacional.

Shopkeeper: I know him, too. Did you know that he was in Bursa 2 weeks ago? I wanted to go to the concert but I couldn’t.

Ahmet: I didn’t know it. I wish I had known and watched him on the stage. I am terribly sorry. You know, I wish to meet him one day.

Shopkeeper: I hope so, Sir.