Elementary Level – İngilizce Seviye Testi

  • Elementary Level – İngilizce Seviye Testi

    1. A: It’s half past seven now. School starts forty five minutes later.
    B: Hmm. So school starts at _____ in the mornings. A: Exactly.

    1. We _____ to the cinema every Friday evening.

    1. A: ____? B: Yes, I practise every morning.

    1. A. What are the children doing in the garden?
    B: ___.

    1. A: How many people are there at the party?
    B: _____ A: Hmm. It’s very crowded.

    1. Jane normally _____ tea in the mornings, but today she ______ coffee.

    1. I have a bus ticket to Adana. I’m going to visit my grandfather _____.

    1. Mary got up at 10 o’clock __________.

    1. This tree is as ______ as my grandfather. They are both 70 years old.

    1. A: We ______ to the park. Would you like to come with us?
    B: Yes, I’d love to.

    1. A: ____ does it rain in your country?
    B: It often rains in the winter, but it rains once or twice a month in the summer.

    1. A: I’m going to fly to Paris this weekend.
    B: I hope ______. A: Thank you.

    1. If you don’t read story books regularly, ___

    1. Students ____ bring food from their homes, but they ____ eat in the classrooms.

    1. You ______ smoke in the hospital. It’s a very important rule.

    1. A: Did you buy anything from the shopping mall yesterday?
    B: I _____ a lot of things, but my sister _____ anything.

    1. John is just two years old. He ____ at home alone.

    1. You ____ go to the cinema with your sisters if you don’t want to. You can stay at home.

    1. A. What were you doing this time yesterday?
    B: ____

    1. John ____ his leg while he ____ football.

    1. A: May I borrow your mobile phone?
    B: Yes, ____

    1. Pizza is _________ than lahmacun, but I think lahmacun is  ____ for you.

    1. Istanbul is ___________ city in Turkey.

    1. A: Have you seen New York City?
    B: ______, but I’d like to go there one day.

    1. The windows are dirty. Mrs Green ________ them yet.