Geniş Zaman (Simple Present Tense) – Şimdiki Zaman (Present Continuous Tense) Testi-1

For the questions below, please choose the best option.(Aşağıdaki sorular için en uygun cevabı seçiniz.)

Hello! My name is Mary Hunter. I’m a pilot for American Airlines. I fly planes. I am not working today. I am playing golf. It is my favorite sport.

1- What is her name?

2- What does she do?

3- What is she doing now?

4- What is her favorite sport?

He is John Walker. He is a champion jockey. He rides racehorses, but he isn’t riding a racehorse now. He is dancing with his wife.

5- What is his name?

6- What does he do?

7- Is he a good jockey?

8- Where is he now?

9- What is he doing?

10- Who is he with?