İngilizce 1- 8 Üniteler Teog Denemesi

Aşağıdaki Teog Deneme sınavındaki sorulara doğru cevap veriniz.

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1-A:  What kinds of movies do you like watching ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                        B: I like Recep Ivedik so I love _____

2-I have the problem with ______.I can’t sit on the bike.

3-Describing the _______: First put the slices of bread. Then take out the slices.______spread butter .After that overlap the toast. _____eat it.

4-Hangisi bir iletişim yöntemi değildir?

5-A: Hello,Matt speaking.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    B: May I speak to Mrs. Adams please?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A:________ at the moment. __________ leave a message?

6-I prefer playing chess to football. I love _____

7-I use my username and password to log in my Facebook _____

8-A: Is your PC online or offline?   B: ______   A: I mean do you have connection sign?

9-I am online all the time. I am an Internet     ____.

10-Hangisi boşluğa GETİRİLEMEZ? Extreme sports are dangerous sports and activities such as bungee jumping and ____

11-Yunus Emre  is not an adrenalin seeker so he likes safe and easy sports such as ................... and  .......................

12-Motor racing is my favorite sport because it is……….

13-Verilen  eşleştirmelerden doğru olanı işaretleyiniz.

14-Sally : - - - - ? Selda: About 100.000 people live there.

15-Van Lake  has an ………………….. scenery. It’s wonderful.

16-Pelin: ______________ did Eiffel Tower’s construction take? Safiye: About two years.

17-At home, everybody has a duty to do. I am __________ for taking out the garbage.

 Aşağıdaki 18, 19 ve 20. soruları paragrafa göre cevaplayınız.                                                                                                                                                                                                      My name is İsmail. I am seventeen years old. Now, I want to tell you about my family. I have two brothers, Tahsin and Talat, and a sister, Gülşah. In my family almost everyone has a duty to do. For example, Tahsin hates animals, so he never feeds the dog. He usually puts the garbage out. Instead of Tahsin, Gülşah feeds the pet because she loves animals so much. My father never cooks or does houseworks but he does the grocery shopping. While doing shopping, I help my father because it is my duty. My mother always does the houseworks like setting the table, vacuuming the floor, ironing and making beds. In these duties her helper is Gülşah. However, in the family Talat does no chores. He only watches cartoons because he is still six years old.                                                                                                                                    18- __________________ feeds the pet.

19-_____________ helps father about the shopping.

20-Why does Talat do nothing?