İngilizce A1 Seviye Testi

  • İngilizce A1 Seviyesi Test (Başlangıç)

  1. A- What’s Jack doing in the garden?
B- _____

  1. We can’t make an omelet because ____

  1. A- ____
B- No, thanks. I’m not hungry.

  1. A: ____ are these shoes?
B: 50 TL.

  1. I can’t buy a car. _____

  1. A rabbit is _____ than a tortoise.

  1. Making a cake is ____ making baklava.

  1. We can’t go swimming today because the sea is ____

  1. We live ___ a big apartment ___ the third floor.

  1. In my free time, I mostly ______ a song.

  1. A- What would you like to have?
B- ____

  1. A- Let’s go to play outside. B- It isn’t a good idea. ____

  1. A- ----?
B- Yes, I have.

  1. A- ----?
B- On Monday.

  1. A-_____ water should we drink every day, doctor?
B- You should drink at least two liters of water.

  1. A- ____ brothers or sisters have you got?
B- I haven’t got any brothers or sisters. I’m an only child.

  1. We are going to have a holiday in Marmaris ----

  1. A- I’m not very good today. I have a sore throat.
B- ----

  1. ____ can swim, but they can’t fly.

  1. My sister is a vegetarian. She doesn’t eat ----

  1. John ____ 31 years old this year. So he ---- 30 years old last year.

  1. Sue is ____. She is very popular at her school.

  1. John is an ____.

  1. Look! Belinay _____ in the sea right now. She is very fast!

  1. The girls __________ about the surprise birthday party for Sue now.

  1. Mrs. Brown _____ for her guests in the kitchen at the moment.

  1. My sister Jill is wearing _____ coat because it is very cold and snowy outside.

  1. My children are playing with _____ toys in the garden.

  1. ____ English teacher has a lot of papers in ____ hand. He is very hardworking.

  1. Our swimming course starts ____ 8 o’clock ___ Sundays, so I have to get up early.

  1. Call the police! _______ a snake on the balcony.

  1. A- Who is Ahmet?
B- He is _____ brother.

  1. Don’t make a noise, please. We _____ lesson now.

  1. My father usually _____ the news on TV every evening. He never misses it.

  1. I ____ Marry at school yesterday. She was ill and in hospital all day yesterday.

  1. A- ____ did you come home last night?
B- At 2 o’clock in the morning.

  1. A- Do you have a plan for this evening?
B- ____

  1. A- How often do you usually eat?
B- ____

  1. Isabella ____ swim well when she was 10 years old, so he took some swimming lessons.

  1. Mozart ____ play the piano well when he was just 10 years old, so he became so popular.

  1. Goats ________ climb rocks very well, but they ________ fly.They live on the mountain.

  1. My grandfather ____ use a smart phone; he says he is too _____ .

  1. There are a few ____ in the park. Three or four.

  1. We have got a ____ and two ____.

  1. John likes _____. He often goes to the pool or the lake in his free time.

  1. My little brother ____ art. He never visits an art gallery.

  1. Mmm. ____ strawberries are delicious.

  1. A- What is ___ ? There is something on my hand.
B- Don’t worry. It’s an ant. It doesn’t bite.

  1. My father works from Monday to Friday. He _____ at weekends.

  1. A- _____?
B- No, she doesn’t.

  1. A- Where ____ from?
B- ____ from Turkey.

  1. A- What ____?
B- It’s ____ umbrella.

  1. ________ name is John.

  1. I live ____ an apartment ____ two boys from my school.

  1. Mary’s uncle is a ____. He travels all over the world.

  1. A- ____ does John do?
B- He is an architect.

  1. We are lucky. Our teacher doesn’t give ____ a lot of homework.

  1. There’s a present ____ you. It’s _____ the table.

  1. A- ____ she live in Ankara?
B- No, she _____.

  1. A- How ____ to work?
B- By bus.

  1. Those are my shoes. Can I have ____ back, please?

  1. _____ languages can you speak?

  1. Do you love ____ glasses?

  1. She ______ some shoes last month.

  1. John didn’t _______ out last night.

  1. A- Where ____ you last week?
B- I ____ in Alaska.

  1. My father usually ______ for 8 hours a day, but he ______ for 4 hours yesterday.

  1. It was Tony’s birthday ____.

  1. Jill is interested ____ Elvis’s music. She listens ____ him for hours every day.

  1. I was tired, ____ I went to bed early.

  1. Jill is just four years old, ____ she can read and write very well.

  1. The weather ____ very nice today, but it ____ awful yesterday.

  1. A- ____ were you born?
B- I was born in 1971.

  1. ____ any eggs in the box; it’s empty.

  1. A- ____ can’t you come to the cinema with us? B- Because I have an exam tomorrow.

  1. Mustafa Kemal was born ___ Selanik ___ 1881.

  1. There is salad and meat on the menu, but Shelia is ____ only salad. Because vegetarians don’t ____ meat or fish.

  1. İstanbul is _____ Ankara.

  1. Today is ____ day in my life, because my cat died in a car accident.

  1. What time is it? (4:45)

  1. It’s five past eight. =?

  1. A- There are three jackets. ____ is yours?
B-The green one with white stripes.

  1. Ahmet is as ____ as Ali. They are both 175 cm.

  1. Sue has lunch at ____

  1. A: Let’s go to the cinema, shall we?
B: No, ______

  1. Jill isn’t going to buy that dress because ____

  1. A: Did you repair my bicycle, Dad?
B: Oh! ........... , I didn’t. I’m going to repair tomorrow.

  1. I ____ plane to train. Travelling by plane is faster and more comfortable.

  1. ______ I painted it just an hour ago.

  1. A: _____ visited you yesterday?
B: My sister did.

  1. A- I haven’t got any money with me.
B- ____

  1. A: ____ B: At half past eight.

  1. Jill has some pencils and paints for the art lesson. She’s going to ____

  1. John hates TV programs. He _____ watches TV.

  1. We went to our hometown to visit my grandparents______ .

  1. A: _______ shoes are these? B: They are Sera’s.

  1. I want to make a cake for seven people. _____ sugar do I need?

  1. A- Is that bottle full?
B- No, it is empty. There isn’t _____ milk in it.

  1. The elephant is ____ animal in Africa.

  1. A: I’m hungry.
B: Me, _____ . Let’s go to a restaurant.


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