İngilizce A2 Seviye Testi

  • İngilizce A2 Seviyesi Test (Elementary İngilizce)

    1. When I introduced Sally to my brother, they ---- hands.

    1. The children were playing cheerfully outside while ----

    1. I think we will meet again ---- Sunday.

    1. We watch the news ----.

    1. This suitcase is too ---- for Shelia to carry home. You should help her.

    1. The girl was watching ---- in the mirror when her boyfriend came in.

    1. Mr and Mrs Brown have lived in the same house ---- 2007.

    1. There isn’t ---- money in the wallet. We have to use the credit card.

    1. My mother hates horror films. My father doesn’t like horror films, ----.

    1. Jane and her husband are very excited. They ---- a baby next month.

    1. Mr Brown hasn’t repaired the broken door yet. ----

    1. You can go to the zoo tomorrow, but ---- there.

    1. There are a lot of modern gyms in this city, but this is ---- of all.

    1. A: I’m bored. What shall we do tonight?
    B: Let’s go playing bowling. It’s my favourite. A: ----. I love bowling, too.

    1. The teacher came in ---- the students were talking loudly in the classroom.

    1. We didn’t leave home ---- to catch the bus, so we had to take a taxi.

    1. You get green ----

    1. You have to wait a little because the chicken is ---- to eat now. You can burn your mouth.

    1. The police saw him while ----.

    1. If it rains a lot tomorrow, ----

    1. Most people ---- the world is flat in the past, but today everybody knows it is round.

    1. A: There was a terrible accident yesterday in your city, wasn’t there?
    B: ----. Nobody was injured at the accident.

    1. A:I know I’m very fat. I don’t know what to do.
    B: ----

    1. My father was ill ----- .

    1. A: ---- did you go last summer?
    B: We went to Bodrum.

    1. A: ----.
    B: They are Sera’s.

    1. A: ---- bought this dress for you?
    B: My parents did.

    1. I prefer eating ---- to ----. Chocolate is my favourite.

    1. My bicycle is more beautiful than ----

    1. A: I can’t buy this car?
    B: Why not? A: Because  ----.

    1. John is ---- Marry. They are both 67 years old.

    1. A: ---- do you like?
    B: I like pop music.

    1. A: I have a headache.
    B: ----

    1. A: Why aren’t you eating your food?
    B: ----

    1. A: ---- do you see each other?
    B: Once or twice a week.

    1. A: I ---- buy a hamburger, please.
    B: Certainly, Sir.

    1. A: I am afraid we’re going to be late.
    B: You’re right. ----

    1. Kerime is not ---- dietician. She is ---- engineer.

    1. John has a cat and ---- dog. He sleeps with ---- dog in the same bedroom. Can you believe it?

    1. Look at the garden. ---- are my children over there.

    1. A: ---- children has he got?
    B: He has got eight children; five girls and three boys.

    1. John brushes his --- after meals three times a day.

    1. A: ----. have you worked for that computer company?
    B: For six years.

    1. You ---- watch English TV programmes to improve your English and speak clearly.

    1. Tomorrow is Sunday. You ---- get up early. It’s holiday.

    1. I hope they ---- a concert hall in the city next year.

    1. ---- you get panicked and run, the dog will chase you.

    1. I’ve no idea about this film. I haven’t ---- it yet.

    1. Dennis enjoys ---- a book in his free time.

    1. She wants ---- abroad when she finishes school.

    1. I’ve ---- eaten an ice cream.

    1. Your clothes will be as white as snow ----

    1. Kerime is very good at playing volleyball, butshe’s ---- swimming.

    1. You are very late. ----

    1. A: Why don’t we go swimming tomorrow?
    B: I’d love to, but  ----

    1. While he ---- football, John ---- his leg.

    1. Children ---- play alone in the park because there are a lot of bad guys around.

    1. Everybody is getting impatient because the concert hasn’t started ----

    1. John has been in hospital ---- a long time. Have you visited him ----?

    1. ---- salt did you put inthe soup? It’s too salty.

    1. Jill and Tony are flying to London---- .

    1. We haven’t seen grandmother---- .

    1. While we ............... the Internet,we came across some veryuseful web sites.

    1. My father has worked here ---- 2015.

    1. If you want to win the race, you should run ---- you can.

    1. The bank opens ---- 8:30 ---- the mornings.

    1. My birthday is ____ September 7th. And I was born ---- 1971.

    1. My grandfather ---- run very fast when he was young.

    1. This is Jane’s first visit to Paris; she hasn’t been there ----.

    1. A: Have you ---- seen a camel?
    B: No, ----.

    1. We ---- in the USA for ten years. We have a house in New York City.

    1. I couldn’t catch the others because they were walking very ----.

    1. My children are fans ---- Fenerbahçe. They mostly talk ---- its matches.

    1. If you talk ---- your teacher rudely, they will get angry ---- you.

    1. If you are too tired to walk to work, ----

    1. You shouldn’t shout at ---- son. It’s not ---- fault.

    1. What time --- home last night?

    1. My father ---- from Monday to Friday. He ---- at the weekend.

    1. ---- look after people in hospitals.

    1. A: My bag is so heavy.
    B: Give it to me. I ---- it for you.

    1. You can tell me your secret. I ---- anyone, I promise.

    1. We’ve decided ---- married this summer.

    1. A: I’m afraid ---- mice. They are horrifying and disgusting.
    B: I don’t agree ---- you. I like them.

    1. Damascus, the capital city of Syria, ---- one of the best cities before the war, but now it ---- very bad.

    1. If you really want to lose weight, ----.

    1. We must hurry. Our plane ---- in just an hour.

    1. We have ---- milk and ---- eggs in the fridge. Let’s make a cake, shall we?

    1. Jane is a ---- artist. He draws pictures very ----.

    1. She usually works ---- so she makes a lot of mistakes.

    1. A: I’d like ---- something interesting.
    B: Mmm. What about ---- up badminton?

    1. John has --- office in ---- USA. He keeps his documents in ---- office.

    1. Jane is interested in ---- tennis. She can also play ---- guitar.

    1. The pharmacy is ---- the post office and the bank.

    1. John is really generous. He ---- buys presents for everyone.

    1. Before you can get a credit card from a bank, you ---- a lot of personal details.

    1. In case of ----, you should call 112 or 911.

    97.The students are having an exam in the next room right now. Please ----.

    1. My mother went shopping, but she didn’t buy ---- eggs. She bought only three or four eggs.

    1. We ate a lot of ---, a few ---, a ---- of bread, and some ---- for breakfast.

    1. A: ----
    B: The red one.