İngilizce ADVERBIAL CLAUSES konu anlatımı

 İngilizce ADVERBIAL CLAUSES konu anlatımı

Adverbial clauses of time

I was sleeping when they called me.


I will go out when I finish my homework.


You can visit me whenever you want.


I watched them while they were playing football.


My wife tried to turn off the television as I was watching the game.


I often played football during the time I was at school.


Wait for me. I will back by 5 o’clock.


I waited until 5 o’clock.


They called us after they had arrived there.


I had written a letter before he called me on the phone.


The students rushed out at the classroom as soon as the bell rang.


He helped me every time I asked for his help.


As long as you are here, you can take care of the baby.


I haven’t slept well since he left the country five years ago.


Don’t cheat the instant I leave the classroom.


The game had no sooner starts than it began to rain.


We were away all the while she washed the dishes.



2-Adverbial clauses of place


We often eat where they eat.


They killed the old man exactly where I am standing now.


I’ll find where ever you go.


Mclemoner catches the students no matter where they hide.


You’ll meet a lot of people everywhere you visit.


You don’t have to buy something everyplace we stop.


You can sit anywhere you like.


She doesn’t want to go anywhere she has enemies.



3-Adverbial clauses of manner

I did my work as he had taught me.


She likes to dress as if she were baby.


We wanted to sing like they did last we couldn’t.


I’ve painted the wall the way my father showed me.


We took a taxi in fear that we would be late.


The concert committee banned the film on the pretext that it would degenerate the youth of the country.


He talked to me in such a way that I thought he was going to beat me.




4-Adverbial clauses of reason

We decided to stay because we felt very tired.


They didn’t allow Thomas in the club for he was black.


Since you have seen this film, you don’t have to come with us.


As no one asked me, I kept the information to myself.


Seeing that he was hurt, we tried to help him.


We didn’t know them very well so we couldn’t really trust them.


The workers weren’t paid satisfactorily, therefore they prepared for strike.


The government banned the sale of that material due to the fact it caused cancer.



5-Adverbial clauses of purpose




He went home to chance his clothes.


Huzi asked me the question to learn.


She moved into this town in order to see her mother more often.


We have studied hard so that we will get good marks.


The ministry of education will under take the publishing of school books in order that there will be a standard prize.


I’ve looked at the telephone number again in case I should forget it.


I wrote the address down lest I forget it.



6-Adverbial clauses of results

Muhammed Ali hit Foreman so hard that Foreman couldn’t stand up again.


The weather was so cold that we had to change our plans and stayed at home.


Fenerbahçe was so good that no one thought Samsun could win.


We had such a wild party that the neighbours had to report to the police.


She is such beautiful girl that, you can’t help looking her twice.


I couldn’t find a taxi so I walked home.


We don’t have much time so let’s get to the point quickly.



7-Adverbial clauses of conditio

If we win this game, the club will give us a large bonus.


I can’t beat him even if I try.


We wouldn’t go to their party even though they invited us.


You’ll be able to learn anything unless you pay attention.


You can borrow books here provided that you return there on time.


I promise to finish the work today on condition that I will have tomorrow off.


In the event that they attacked us, we should be ready to defend ourselves.