İngilizce B1 Seviye Testi

  • İngilizce B1 Seviyesi Test (Orta Seviye İngilizce)

    1. A: Oh mummy! I have split some milk on my dress.
    B: Don’t worry. ----.

    1. A: Let’s go to Pamukkale for the weekend.
    B: ----.  Shall we go there by train?

    1. A: Can I park my car under the no-parking sign?
    B: ----

    1. A: There’s ---- at the door.
    B: It may be our neighbour’s son.

    1. A: ---- has your uncle been living in England?
    B: Since 2012.

    1. A: ---- does Tony leave work?
    B: At half past five.

    1. My grandmother is younger than ----.

    1. ---- is the hottest season in my country.

    1. A: ----.
    B: I don’t either.

    1. The building is completely empty. There ---- people in it.

    1. You must ---- in the hospital, mustn’t you?

    1. A: ----
    B: You’d better go to bed early this evening then.

    1. I haven’t eaten my sandwich yet. ----

    1. John ---- a very popular basketball player last year. However, this year he ---- in the team.

    1. We were very thirsty. We drank two ----.

    1. Sorry. I couldn’t answer your telephone last night. ---- when the phone rang.

    1. Communication today isn’t as ---- as it was twenty years ago.

    1. His brother came in ---- Eric was eating the cake greedily in the kitchen.

    1. The film’s story ---- by a famous writer last year.

    1. İstanbul ---- by millions of tourists every year.

    1. John is so talented that he draws pictures ---- everybody admires at.

    1. We’re staying at a hotel ---- you can see the sea through the windows.

    1. Students ---- study regularly can get higher points in exams.

    1. I have a friend ---- father is a good lawyer.

    1. This is the road ---- goes to the lake, isn’t it?

    1. He is ---- to answer all the questions in the exam.

    1. If you heat ice, ----

    1. While everybody was working in the garden, ----

    1. A: Why don’t we go to the fun-fair?
    B: Are you crazy? It’s too  ---- to go there.

    1. Jill is too busy at the moment . ----.

    1. My grandfather hasn’t been feeling well ----.

    1. I have ---- a cute dog at home.

    1. Jane felt ---- bored at the party that she decided to leave early.

    1. John is against football matches. He ---- go to a football match.

    1. Natural parks are places ---- you cannot hunt any animals.

    1. The company needs someone ---- can speak Chinese and Russian.

    1. ---- he was a bit more overweight than his rivals, he was able to run faster and won the race.

    1. ---- you help me with this mobile phone please? It’s very complicated.

    1. You look brown. Have you --- on holiday?

    1. My father ---- for a long time, but he hasn’t sold a single picture yet.

    1. Melisa ---- abroad this time next year.

    1. If Melisa knew how to go to her cousin’s house, she ---- there tonight.

    1. If you don’t water flowers, they ---- soon.

    1. They would travel more often if they ---- a great amount of money.

    1. I met a -----woman at the party.

    1. I can’t find ---- mobile phone. Can I use ----?

    1. We are having lunch at the moment. You can find ---- at Joe’s place.

    1. If I ---- your father, I wouldn’t let you go out at nights.

    1. You don’t need to try to repair the car. ----

    1. Don’t drive so fast. You ---- have an accident.

    1. Antalya is the most beautiful city ----

    1. The policeman ran after the thief ---- and caught him in a short time.

    1. Ahmet’s parents are proud ---- him because he graduated ---- university with the first degree.

    1. Mr Brown has been working in the film industry ---- he took a part in his first film.

    1. We’ve ---- seen such a big snake before.

    1. My feet hurt. I ---- all day.

    1. After Columbus ---- all his preparations, he ---- his journey.

    1. The police arrived, but it was too late. They ---- all the money in the bank.

    1. I’d never seen a kangaroo ---- I went to Australia.

    1. ---- the teacher collected the papers, the students had already finished the exam.

    1. “Türk’ün Ateşle İmtihanı” was written ---- Halide Edip Adıvar.

    1. I want to know ---- your brother can come to the cinema with us?

    1. George looks pale. It is certain ---- he is ill.

    1. A: Where does Jill live?
    B: I don’t know where ----.

    1. I wonder ---- my boyfriend really loves me.

    1. I’m sure ---- he’s the most honest man I’ve ever seen.

    1. The spokesman wasn’t speaking clearly ----- for us to be able to understand everything he said.

    1. If I went to Ankara, I ---- Ankara Castle. It’s worth seeing.

    1. ---- was the Mona Lisa painted by?

    1. Although he had broken his leg, he ---- swim to the shore.

    71. He was quite ill. ----, he managed to finish the race.

    72. ----, but now she buys bottled water.

    73. Mary can’t speak Chinese. ---- can her brother.

    74. When your father learns the bad news, ----.

    75. A hair drier is a device that ----

    76. A: My mother hates people who walk a dog in the street. B: ----. It’s irritating.

    77. This perfume ---- wonderful.

    78. A: Where is cotton ---- in Turkey? B: Adana and Aydın.

    1. Patients are ---- by nurses.

    1. Are there ---- sheep in the herd?

    1. ---- . If so, would you mind getting me a packet of biscuits, please?

    1. After I graduate from university, I expect ---- a well-paid job.

    1. If everything goes well, ----.

    1. A: ---- wrapping this box for me?
    B: No, that’s all right.

    1. We need to write a letter of application ---- apply ---- a job.

    1. I go to work ---- except Sundays.

    1. John was able to get the job although ----.

    1. I had to take a taxi because ----.

    1. ----. They’ve been oiling the bike.

    1. They ---- the book for six months, but they ---- only three chapters so far.

    1. A: What had you done by the time Omar came home?
    B: ----

    1. Can I ---- ?

    1. Turn --- the music! I’m enjoying it, but it’s too loud!

    1. I’m not sure, but I ---- late. It depends on the traffic.

    1. There’s a light on in their office. They ---- be still working.

    1. He usually uses both indoor ---- outdoor scenes in his films.

    1. I used to drink too much coffee, but I don’t drink coffee ---- .

    1. Italian people are used ---- spaghetti. They often eat it.

    1. A: ----. Shall I wear it for the wedding tonight?
    B: Oh, it’s wonderful. It suits you perfectly.

    1. A: ----.
    B: I would buy a new house.