İngilizce B2 Seviye Testi

  • İngilizce B2 Seviyesi Test (Orta Üstü İngilizce)

    1. If my father makes me stay at home tonight, ----.

    1. If Melisa had a few days off, ----.

    1. If she had left home earlier this morning, ----

    1. John is sad because he doesn’t have a bicycle. ----

    1. A: ---- B: I’d travel all over the world.

    1. If you had ---- your coat, you wouldn’t have caught cold.

    1. Today is very cold and I don’t like cold weather. I wish ----.

    1. A: Did you see the film last night?
    B: Yes, but I wish ----. It was terrible.

    1. A: Can you swim ?
    B: No, but I wish I ----.

    1. If Sera hadn’t been so late, ----. I’m sorry for her.

    1. By time we got home, ----.

    1. ---- I had spent one week in London, I went to Paris.

    1. John said he ---- a lot of money, but he didn’t look rich.

    1. Ali: Can you speak Chinese, Berna?
    Berna: What did he ask? Ayşe: He asked ----

    1. I’ll have my house ---- this summer.

    1. ---- we were sitting at the table on the balcony, it started to rain.

    1. This dress is made of silk. So you shouldn’t wash it yourself. You should ----

    1. A: I wonder why Sue is late.
    B: It’s rush time. She ---- held up in the traffic.

    1. A: John has failed the test.
    B: -.---

    1. This is ---- exam I have ever taken. The questions are too difficult for me.

    1. Jenny: “ I will go to the Bahamas next week.”
    I spoke to Jenny a few weeks ago. She said that she would go to the Bahamas ---- .

    1. The interviewer asked me ---- I really wanted the job, and I said yes.

    1. My mother: “Don’t forget to wear your helmet.”

    1. Susan didn’t speak to John until he ---- to her.

    1. Turkey is ---- a productive area that all kinds of fruit and vegetables can be grown there.

    1. There were two beds in the hotel room, but ---- was comfortable. Thus, we had to go to another hotel.

    1. ---- Kevin ---- his sisters like pizza, so we’d better not go to the pizza shop.

    1. If you ---- us before that you were so late, we wouldn’t have waited for you outside.

    1. Jennifer saw a fat dog ---- while she was driving.

    1. İbni Sina was a person ----- ideas are still important to people.

    1. I bought some books ---- during the journey.

    1. Which is generally wrong?

    1. Suzan has a friend whose father is a plumber, ----?

    1. Every year Turkey gains a great amount of dollars because of ----.

    1. ---- we live on the coast, we can spend a lot of time swimming.

    1. The more you travel, ----.

    1. Our neighbour has promised to water the flowers ----

    1. You had better ----  smoking, or you will become seriously ill.

    1. It was quite cold yesterday, so we didn’t go out. ----

    1. Jane hates listening to pop music and so does her sister. = ----

    1. Maggie told Bee that she ---- her homework, and then Bee helped Maggie do her homework .

    1. Our car ---- by the mechanic at the moment.

    1. We are not ready for the holiday. For example, the tickets ---- yet.

    1. We’ve just bought a house. We must ---- the windows because they are filthy. Also, the wallpapers have to ---- as they look awful.

    1. Don’t worry. We’ll have cooked the dinner ----

    1. There are several ghost stories about the hotel. However, the hotel-keeper never tells the stories ----

    1. We’ve taken a lot of books with us ---- we can read them during the journey.

    1. John is going to have his flat decorated ----.

    1. A: Could you please help me with my project?
    B: I’m afraid, ----.  I have to study for my exam.

    1. The match is this weekend so the footballers ---- to Paris tomorrow.

    1. Tell the students to put their rubbish ---- the bin.

    1. The students have to wear school uniforms at school, ----?

    1. Not only Mehmet but also his sister studied hard for the exam. As a result, ----

    1. We ---- keep medicine out of reach of children.

    1. You should have the gardener ----.

    1. Mrs Green often goes for a walk in the forest by ----, although ---- knows that it is dangerous.

    1. The children ---- climb the high tree and they ---- see the whole city yesterday.

    1. You couldn’t have seen a snake ----

    1. ---- helps you stay healthy.

    1. A: Have you started to write the report yet?
    B: No, not yet. But ----

    1. A: What did you eat yesterday evening? Fish or chicken?
    B: ----. We ate Turkish döner. It was delicious.

    1. A: I broke your favourite vase when I was dusting it. I threw it away.
    B: ----

    1. I hope we’ll have sold more than ten cars ----.

    1. John didn’t eat anything, ----. Therefore, only John was hungry.

    1. John started to shout at his daughter as soon as he saw her. He ---- have been very angry with her.

    1. We’ll have been working on the same project ----

    1. A: I’m afraid we got lost in this forest. I can’t find a way.
    B: I think so.  ----

    1. A: I can’t find my umbrella. It was a valuable one.
    B: ----

    1. Mr Brown: You’re going to visit your uncle. Shall I lend you my car tomorrow?
    Mrs Green: ----

    1. A: ----. She was sitting at this desk this morning.
    B: It must be hers then.

    1. The students got ---- because the teacher’s speech was long and ----.

    1. The teacher says to the students: “Don’t be late for the exam.”

    1. Ayşe to Ali: “Do you love me?”
    Ayşe asks Ali if ---- loves  ----.

    1. Have you ever been ---- by a bee?

    1. A: Dad wanted to know ----.
    B: Tell him she did.

    1. The train went ---- the tunnel and disappeared in the distance.

    1. A: ---- does it take to cook this meat perfectly?
    B: Exactly four hours.
    1. A) What time

    1. A: Would you mind if I ----.
    B: No, please. I’m reading the newspaper at the moment.

    1. ---- all the problems that he caused, John is still liked by his friends.

    1. ---- is still a mystery.

    1. The film was ---- boring ---- we stopped watching it.

    1. I --- reading a book for two hours when I stopped to check my e-mails.

    1. I ---- to İstanbul after I ---- from university.

    1. A: Have you ever wondered ---- to learn English?
    B: Yeah. The answer is clear: To be able to find a better job.

    85: John  ---- in a bank since he ----  his school.

    1. I decided not to buy the necklace ---- its high price.

    1. It is interesting that the results of the first exam ---- after the students had the second exam.

    1. The people who were in the bank during the robbery ---- by the police at the moment.

    1. A: When I saw that the roof was leaking, ----.
    B: Thanks, Danny. Thanks to you, we’ll be sleeping comfortably this winter.

    1. It smells as if ----.

    1. You should take a compass and a map with you ----

    1. Sue has been ---- a busy mother that she hasn’t been able to visit her grandparents for weeks.

    1. Our boss is so strict that we are all afraid of him. If only ----

    1. Jill promised ---- back home early; therefore, her mother let her ---- out with her friends tonight.

    1. Everything is getting ---- and more expensive. And the prices are getting ---- and higher.

    1. John says he doesn’t earn enough ---- a cashier, so he has decided to leave his job.

    1. The director really likes Selena as ----

    1. John’s boss lets him come late, so ----.

    1. The police collected all the evidence ----

    1. There used to be a big forest about fifty years ago, ----