İngilizce C1 Seviye Testi

  • İngilizce C1 Seviyesi Test (İleri İngilizce)

    1. If it ---- that the match was put off, those people ---- around the stadium at the moment. They are here because they didn’t know that.

    1. The plane ticket is three times as expensive as the train ticket. As the plane ticket is ---- cheaper than the train ticket, I’m going to travel by plane.

    1. John ---- the same shoes ever since he ---- it.

    1. A Turkish inventor ---- a machine that keeps our homes warm with low cost. He did it just a year ago.

    1. Your silk dress is dirty. You should go to the dry cleaner’s and ----.

    1. A: Do you think you can write this project by Tuesday?
    B: It ---- by then, because it is too difficult.

    1. Have you ever wondered ---- keeps a hot air balloon flying? It's a very basic principle: Hot air rises and cold air falls.

    1. The jet engine is ---- powerful ---- it can actually push the plane at enough speed.

    1. Unless people have confidence in the stock market, ----

    1. Seldom ---- my grandparents because we have a house that’s too far.

    1. Children enjoy reading mysteries about young detectives with ---- they could identify.

    1. If only I ---- my car, we could go on holiday in it this summer. I really regret selling it.

    1. I highly suggest you ---- purchasing e-reader, which is a device that allows you --- e-books.

    1. It was stupid of you to play with that snake. It ---- you. Thanks God nothing happened.

    1. We will drive the car ---- we have run out of the petrol in it.

    1. It wasn’t old folks ---- heralded the arrival of the deadly viruses, but dead and dying crows.

    1. The painting has never been seen anywhere since ----.

    1. We got on the train and ---- for Los Angeles.

    1. I am responsible ---- my own decisions now. I can’t deal ---- the problems you have caused.

    1. ---- , John knows it very well.

    1. Most of our olive trees will have been destroyed ---- the end of the century.

    1. John became rich ---- working hard, but they accused him ---- stealing money from the company’s accounts.

    1. ----, I would have given her the message.

    1. They didn’t ---- the new secretary more than a month because of her political ideas against the government.

    1. ---- he wasn’t aware of the dangers of the project they were working on, he still continued with it.