İngilizce C2 Seviye Testi

  • İngilizce C2 Seviyesi Test (İngilizce Yeterliliği)

    1. Bacteria and algae are single-celled organisms, ---- fish and flowering plants are many-celled.

    1. Melting can be described as the process ---- solid changes into liquid by heat.

    1. The light ---- by stars travels long distances before ---- Earth.

    1. The Turkish civil code was basically adopted from ---- of Sweden.

    1. Mozart was one of the many composers ---- genius wasn’t recognised in his own life time.

    1. We ---- in a cleaner cities today if the government ---- priority to the problem of pollution.

    1. Strictly speaking, the term avalanche should be restricted to fall of snow in the mountain. ----, popular usage extended its meaning to cover landslips in all environments.

    1. Radical changes in the life of western society were ---- by the technical inventions in 18 and 19 centuries.

    1. Aspirin ---- regarded as a safe cure for numerous ills, but today it is believed to cure nothing except in very rare cases.

    1. Although the delegates found the Chairman's speech  ----  most people walk out, they still stayed in the conference room and listened to him.

    1. A: Would you mind lending me your car?
    B: I'd rather you ----  my brother's car.  I may need mine this evening.

    1. As the fire was quite big, everyone panicked and rushed out of the building, ---- complete chaos.

    1. She ---- French for two years by the time she starts to do her M.A. in Paris.

    1. If people acted better towards ----, there would be less grief in the world.

    1. The audience were already in their seats ---- .

    1. The refugees fled from the country, ---- had been under attack.

    1. It’s necessary that everybody --- at work on time from now on.

    1. Although mosquitoes may not seem as scary as larger animals, ----

    1. Improved efficiency of the use ---- fuel is a theme ---- which more attention has been given as the cost of fuel has increased.

    1. ---- the fact that they look like fish, the whale is a mammal.