İngilizce İsim Cümleleri Testi

Doğru şıkkı işaretleyiniz

  • You have to tell me ___left this note for me.

  • Can you tell me ___ you want to go to the party or not?

  • I can’t believe _____ he left me is because he got bored.

  • She doesn’t remember ______ she left her keys in the car.

  • Can you tell me ____ you decided to leave the party? What was the reason?

  • We know ___ we need more people in science.

  • The man in the black suit wants to know ___ this place is in such a mess.

  • Ellie asked me ___ I was.

  • Please tell me ____ you love me.

  • Tell me ___ to meet and I’ll be there.