İngilizce stative passive konu anlatımı

İngilizce stative passive konu anlatımı


  1. The door is old.
  2. The door is green.
  3. The door is locked.


In (a) and (b): old and green are adjectives. They describe the door.

In (c): locked is a past participle. It is used as an adjective. It describes the door.


  1. I locked the door five minutes ago.
  2. The door was locked by me five minutes ago.
  3. Now the door is locked.


  1. Ann broke the window yesterday.
  2. The window was broken by Ann.
  3. Now the window is broken.


When the passive form is used to describe an existing situation or state, as in (c), (f), and (i), it is called the “stative passive.”


In the stative passive    : no action is taking place; the action happened earlier.

there is no by-phrase.

the past participle functions as an adjective.


  1. I am interested in Chinese art.
  2. He is satisfied with his job.
  3. Ann is married to Alex.


Prepositions other than by can follow stative passive verbs.


  1. I don’t know where I am. I am lost.
  2. I can’t find my purse. It is gone.
  3. I am finished with my work.
  4. I am done with my work.


(m) through (p) are examples of idiomatic usage of the passive form in common, everyday English. These sentences have no equivalent active sentences.


Common stative passive verbs + prepositions


be accustomed to

be acquainted with

be addicted to

be annoyed with

by be associated with

be bored with, by

be cluttered with

be composed of

be concerned about

be connected to

be coordinated with

be covered with

be crowded with

be dedicated to

be devoted to

be disappointed in, with

be discriminated against

be divorced from

be done with

be dressed in

be engaged to

be equipped with

be excited about

be exhausted from

be exposed to

be filled milk

be finished with

be frightened of, by

be gone from

be interested in

be involved in

be known for

be limited to

be located in

be made of

be married to

be opposed to

be phased with

be prepared for

be protected from

be provided with

be qualified for

be related to

be remembered for

be satisfied with

be scared of, by

be terrified of, by

be tired of, from

be worried about


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