İngilizce Türkçe Deyimleri B Harfi

Babe in arms

Babe in the woods

Baby boomer

Back burner

Back foot

Back number

Back the wrong horse

Back to back

Back to square one

Back to the drawing board

Back to the salt mines

Back to the wall

Back-of-the-envelope calculation

Backseat driver

Bad Apple

Bad blood

Bad egg

Bad hair day

Bad mouth

Bad shape

Bad taste in your mouth

Bad workers always blame their tools

Bag and baggage

Bag of bones

Bag of nerves

Baker’s dozen

Bald as a coot

Ball is in your court

Balloon goes up

Ballpark figure

Balls to the walls

Banana republic

Banana skin

Bandit territory

Baptism of fire

Bar fly

Bare your heart

Barefaced liar

Bark is worse than their bite

Barking up the wrong tree

Barkus is willing

Barrack-room lawyer

Barrel of laughs

Basket case

Bat an eyelid

Bated breath

Bats in the belfry

Batten down the hatches

Batting a thousand

Battle of nerves

Be all ears

Be careful what you wish for

Be on the pig’s back

Be out in force

Be out in left field

Be that as it may

Be true blue

Be up the spout

Beam me up, Scotty

Bean counter

Bear fruit

Bear market

Bear the brunt

Beard the lion in his own den

Beat about the bush

Beat someone to the draw

Beat swords into ploughshares

Beat the daylights out of someone

Beat the rap

Beat the tar out of

Beat them at their own game

Beat to the punch

Beat your brains out

Beating a dead horse

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is only skin deep

Beck and call

Bedroom eyes

Bee in your bonnet

Bee’s Knees

Beeline for

Been around the block a few times

Been in the wars

Been there, done that

Beer and skittles

Before the ink is dry

Before you can say Jack Robinson

Before you can say knife

Beg the question

Beggars can’t be choosers

Behind bars

Behind closed doors

Behind someone’s back

Behind the curve

Behind the eight ball

Behind the times

Believe in the hereafter

Believe you me

Bell the cat

Bells and whistles

Bells on

Belly up

Below par

Below the belt

Below the fold

Belt and braces

Belt and suspenders

Bend over backwards

Bend someone’s ear

Benjamin of the family

Bent as a nine bob note

Beside the point

Beside themselves

Beside yourself

Best of a bad bunch

Best of both worlds

Best thing since sliced bread

Bet the farm

Bet the ranch

Bet your bottom dollar

Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion

Better half

Better late than never

Better safe than sorry

Better than a kick in the teeth

Better than a stick in the eye

Better the devil you know

Between a rock and a hard place

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Between you and me and the cat’s whiskers

Beyond a shadow of a doubt

Beyond belief

Beyond our ken

Beyond the black stump

Beyond the pale

Big Apple

Big bucks

Big cheese

Big Easy

Big fish

Big fish in a small pond

Big girl’s blouse

Big hitter

Big nose

Big picture

Big time

Bigger fish to fry

Billy Wind

Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Bird’s eye view



Birds and the bees

Birds of a feather flock together

Birthday suit

Bit between your teeth

Bit part

Bit player

Bite off more than you can chew

Bite someone’s head off

Bite the bullet

Bite the dust

Bite your lip

Bite your tongue

Bits and bobs

Bitter end

Bitter pill to swallow

Black and blue

Black and white

Black as Newgate’s knocker

Black hole

Black sheep

Black will take no other hue


Blank cheque

Blank slate

Bleed dry

Bleeding edge

Bless your pointy little head

Blessing in disguise

Blind acceptance

Blind as a bat

Blind leading the blind


Blink of an eye

Blood and thunder

Blood from a turnip

Blood is thicker than water

Blood is worth bottling

Blood out of a stone

Blood, sweat and tears

Blot your copybook

Blow a fuse

Blow a gasket

Blow by blow

Blow hot and cold

Blow me down

Blow off steam

Blow out of the water

Blow smoke

Blow the cobwebs away

Blow the whistle

Blow your mind

Blow your own horn

Blow your own trumpet

Blow your stack

Blow your top

Blue blood

Blue skies

Blue-eyed boy


Boardinghouse reach

Bob’s your uncle

Body politic

Boil to the surface

Bold as brass

Bolt from the blue

Bone of contention

Bone to pick

Boot is on the other foot

Born on the wrong side of the blanket

Born to the purple

Born with a silver spoon in your mouth

Both ends meet

Bottom line


Bounce ideas

Bounce off the walls

Box and dice

Box clever

Box of fluffy ducks

Boxing and coxing

Boys in blue

Boys will be boys

Brain drain

Brain surgery

Brass monkey

Brass neck

Brass tacks

Bread and butter

Bread and circuses


Break a leg

Break even

Break ground

Break the back of the beast

Break the ice

Break your duck

Break your heart

Breakneck speed

Breathe down your neck

Breathe life into

Breathe your last

Brevity is the soul of wit

Bridge the gap

Bright and breezy

Bright as a button

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

Brighten up the day

Bring a knife to a gunfight

Bring home

Bring home the bacon

Bring on board

Bring someone to book

Bring someone to heel

Bring the curtain down

Bring the house down

Bring to the table

Broad church

Broad strokes

Broke as a joke and it ain’t funny

Broken record

Broken reed

Brown as a berry

Brown nose

Browned off

Brownie points

Brush under the carpet

Brush with death

Buck stops here

Buggles’ turn

Built like a Mack Truck

Bull in a China shop

Bull market

Bull session


Bums on seats

Bun in the oven

Bundle of nerves

Bur under my saddle

Burn rubber

Burn the candle at both ends

Burn the midnight oil

Burn your bridges

Burn your fingers

Burning daylight

Burning question

Burr up the ass

Burst at the seams

Burst your bubble

Bury the hatchet

Bury your head in the sand

Busman’s holiday

Bust my chops

Busted flush

Busy as a beaver

Busy as a bee

Busy as a one-armed paper hanger

Butt naked

Butt of a joke

Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth


Butterflies in your stomach

Button your lip

Buy the farm

By a hair’s breadth

By a long chalk

By a mile

By a whisker

By and large

By cracky

By dint of

By heart

By hook or by crook

By leaps and bounds

By the back door

By the book

By the by

By the numbers

By the same token

By the seat of your pants

By the skin of your teeth

By word of mouth