İngilizce Türkçe Deyimleri C Harfi

Cake’s not worth the candle

Calf lick

Call a spade a spade

Call on the carpet

Call the dogs off

Call the shots

Call the tune

Call time

Calm before the storm

Can of worms

Can’t beat that

Can’t dance and it’s too wet to plow

Can’t do it for toffee

Can’t get a word in edgeways

Can’t get to 1st base

Can’t hack it

Can’t hold a candle

Can’t see the forest for its trees

Canary in a coal mine

Cap in hand

Card up your sleeve


Carrot and stick

Carry the can

Carry the day

Case by case

Case in point

Cash cow

Cash in your chips

Cast a long shadow

Cast aspersion

Cast doubt on

Cast iron stomach

Cast pearls before swine

Cast sheep’s eyes at

Cast your eye over

Cast your mind back

Cast your net widely

Casting vote

Castles in the air

Cat among the pigeons

Cat and dog life

Cat and mouse

Cat burglar

Cat fur and kitty britches

Cat got your tongue?

Cat nap

Cat’s arse and cabbage

Cat’s lick

Cat’s pajamas

Cat’s whiskers

Catch as catch can

Catch hell

Catch some z’s

Catch someone red-handed


Caught with your hand in the cookie jar

Caught with your pants down

Chafe under the yoke

Chalk and cheese

Champ at the bit

Champagne socialist

Champagne taste on a beer budget

Champagne tastes, beer wages

Champing at the bit

Change horses in midstream

Change of heart

Change tack

Change your tune

Chaps my ass

Chapter and verse

Charity begins at home

Charley horse

Chase rainbows

Chase your tail

Cheap as chips

Cheap at half the price

Cheap shot

Cheat death

Cheek by jowl

Cherry pick

Chew on a bone

Chew the cud

Chew the fat


Child’s play

Chinese walls

Chinese whispers

Chip off the old block

Chip on your shoulder

Chomping at the bit

Chop and change

Cigarette paper

Circle the drain

Circle the wagons

Circling the drain

Class act

Clean as a whistle

Clean bill of health

Clean break

Clean hands

Clean sheet

Clean slate

Clean sweep

Clean your clock

Clear as a bell

Clear as mud

Clear the decks


Climb on the bandwagon

Climb the greasy pole

Cling to hope

Close at hand

Close but no cigar

Close call

Close lipped

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

Close ranks

Close shave

Close the book

Close the stable door after the horse has bolted

Close to your heart

Closed book to me

Cloth ears

Cloud cuckoo land

Cloud nine

Cloud of suspicion

Cloud on the horizon

Clutch at straws

Clutch play

Coals to Newcastle

Coast is clear

Cock a snook

Cock and bull story

Cock in the henhouse

Cock of the walk

Cog in the machine

Cold day in hell

Cold feet

Cold fish

Cold light of day

Cold shoulder

Cold sweat

Cold turkey

Colder than a witch’s tit

Collateral damage

Collect dust

Color bar

Come a cropper

Come clean

Come hell or high water

Come of age

Come on hard

Come on the heels of

Come out in the wash

Come out of the woodwork

Come out of your shell

Come rain or shine

Come to a head

Come to a pretty pass

Come to bear

Come to call

Come to grips

Come to heel

Come up roses

Come up smelling of roses

Come up trumps

Come what may

Come with the territory

Comfort zone

Confirmed bachelor

Connect the dots

Constitution of an ox

Cook someone’s goose

Cook the books

Cooking with gas

Cool as a cat

Cool your heels

Cool your Jets

Coon’s age

Corner a market

Could eat a horse

Couldn’t give two hoots

Count sheep

Count your blessings

Country mile

Cover all the bases

Crack a nut with a sledgehammer

Crack of dawn

Crash a party

Cream of the crop

Cream rises to the top

Creature comforts

Crème de la crème

Crepe hanger

Critical mass

Crocodile tears

Crooked as a dog’s hind leg

Cross my heart and hope to die

Cross swords

Cross that bridge when you come to it

Cross the line

Cross to bear

Crossing the Rubicon

Crunch time

Cry wolf

Cry your eyes out


Cuckoo in the nest

Cupboard love

Curate’s egg

Curdle your blood

Curiosity killed the cat

Curry favour

Curve ball

Cut a dash

Cut a long story short

Cut a rug

Cut above

Cut and dried

Cut and run

Cut corners

Cut down the tall poppies

Cut from the same cloth

Cut it fine

Cut off your nose to spite your face

Cut someone off at the knees

Cut someone some slack

Cut the Gordian knot

Cut the mustard

Cut to the chase

Cut to the quick

Cut your coat according to your cloth

Cut your losses

Cut your teeth on

Cute as a bug

Cute as a button

Cuts no ice

Cutting edge

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