İngilizce Türkçe Deyimleri D Harfi

Daft as a brush

Damp squib

Dancing on someone’s grave

Dark horse

Davey Jones’ locker

Day in the sun

Daylight robbery

Days are numbered

Dead air

Dead and buried

Dead as a dodo

Dead as a doornail

Dead cat bounce

Dead duck

Dead even

Dead from the neck up

Dead heat

Dead in the water

Dead level best

Dead man walking

Dead meat

Dead men’s shoes

Dead right

Dead to the world

Dead wrong

Deaf as a post

Dear John letter

Death of a thousand cuts

Death warmed up

Decorate the mahogany

Deep pockets

Deep pockets but short arms

Deer in the headlights

Deliver the goods

Demon weed


Devil finds work for idle hands

Devil is in the detail

Devil may care

Devil’s advocate

Diamond in the rough

Dice with death

Die is cast

Different kettle of fish

Different ropes for different folks

Different strokes for different folks

Dig way down deep

Dig your heels in

Dime a dozen

Dine on ashes


Dip your toes in the water

Dirty dog

Discerning eye

Discretion is the better part of valour

Dish the dirt

Do a Devon Loch

Do a Lord Lucan

Do a runner

Do as you would be done by

Do the needful

Do the running

Do the trick

Do their dirty work

Do time

Do’s and don’t’s

Dodge the bullet

Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?

Dog and pony show

Dog days

Dog eat dog

Dog in the manger

Dog tired

Dog’s dinner

Dog’s life


Dog-whistle politics

Doggy bag


Dollars for doughnuts

Don’t bite the hand that feeds

Don’t catch your chickens before they’re hatched

Don’t cry over spilt milk

Don’t give up the day job

Don’t hold your breath

Don’t judge a book by the cover

Don’t know whether to wind a watch or bark at the moon

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

Don’t mention it

Don’t mention the war

Don’t push my buttons!

Don’t shoot the messenger

Don’t stand there with curlers in your hair

Don’t stop and kick at every dog that barks at you

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t take any wooden nickels

Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house

Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you

Don’t upset the applecart

Don’t wash your dirty laundry in public

Done to death

Donkey work

Donkey’s years


Dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s

Double Dutch

Double take

Double whammy

Double-edged sword

Doubting Thomas

Down and dirty

Down and out

Down at heel

Down for the count

Down in the doldrums

Down in the dumps

Down in the mouth

Down the drain

Down the hatch

Down the pan

Down the pike

Down the Swanee

Down the tubes

Down to the wire


Drag your feet

Drag your heels

Draw a bead on

Draw a blank

Draw a line in the sand

Draw a long bow

Draw the line

Draw a line in the sand

Draw a long bow

Draw the line

Draw the shortest straw

Drawing card

Dress someone down

Dress to kill

Dressed to the nines

Drink like a fish

Drive a wedge

Drive someone up the wall

Drive you spare

Driven by a motor

Drop a bombshell

Drop a dime

Drop in the bucket

Drop in the ocean

Drop into your lap

Drop like flies

Drop someone a line

Drop the ball

Dropped like a hot cake

Drown your sorrows

Drunk as a lord

Drunker than a peach orchard boar

Dry as a bone

Dry as a wooden god

Dry as dust

Dry as snuff

Dry run

Dry spell

Duck soup

Duck to water

Ducks in a row

Dull as ditchwater

Dumb as a post

Dumb as a rock

Dunkirk spirit

Dutch auction

Dutch courage

Dutch treat

Dutch uncle

Dutch wife

Dwell on the past


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