İngilizce Türkçe Deyimleri G Harfi

Gallows humour

Game on

Game plan

Garbage fee

Garbage in, garbage out

Gardening leave

Gather pace

Gather steam

Get a grip

Get a handle on

Get a sheepskin

Get along famously

Get away scot-free

Get away with murder

Get back on the horse that bucked you

Get cracking

Get hitched

Get in on the act

Get in on the ground floor

Get into your stride

Get it in the neck

Get it off your chest

Get my drift

Get off the ground

Get on like a house on fire

Get on my last nerve

Get on your nerves

Get on your soapbox

Get out of bed on the wrong side

Get out of your pram

Get the axe

Get the ball rolling

Get the green light

Get the hang of it

Get the lead out

Get the monkey off your back

Get the nod

Get the picture

Get the show on the road

Get the word out

Get to grips

Get up and go

Get wind of

Get your ducks in a row

Get your feathers in a bunch

Get your feet wet

Get your goat

Get your hands dirty

Get your head around something

Get your skates on

Get your teeth into

Get your wires crossed

Ghost of a chance

Ghost town

Ghostly presence

Gift of the gab

Gild the lily

Gilded cage

Gird one’s loins

Girl Friday

Give a big hand

Give a dog a bad name

Give and take

Give as good as you get

Give away the store

Give it some stick

Give me a hand

Give me five

Give someone a leg up

Give someone a piece of your mind

Give someone a run for their money

Give someone enough rope

Give someone stick

Give someone the axe

Give someone the runaround

Give the nod

Give up the ghost

Give your eye teeth

Given the day that’s in it

Glass ceiling

Glimmer of hope

Glory hound

Gloves are off,

Glutton for punishment

Gnaw your vitals

Go against the grain

Go awry

Go bananas

Go blue

Go bust

Go by the board

Go by the boards

Go down a storm

Go down like a cup of cold sick

Go down like a lead balloon

Go down swinging

Go down without a fight

Go Dutch

Go easy on

Go fly a kite

Go for broke

Go for the jugular

Go fry an egg

Go hand in hand

Go haywire

Go nuts

Go off on a tangent

Go over like a lead balloon

Go overboard

Go pear-shaped

Go play in traffic

Go pound salt

Go round in circles

Go south

Go spare

Go tell it to birds

Go the distance

Go the extra mile

Go the whole hog

Go through the mill

Go through the motions

Go to the mat

Go to bat for

Go to seed

Go to the wall

Go to the wire

Go to town

Go to your head

Go under the hammer

Go west

Go with the flow

Go-to guy

Going concern

Going Jesse

Going overboard

Golden handshake

Golden opportunity

Golden rule

Golden touch

Gone fishing

Gone for a burton

Gone pear-shaped

Gone to pot

Gone to the dogs

Good antennae

Good as gold

Good egg

Good fences make good neighbours

Good hand

Good offices

Good Samaritan

Good shape

Good spell

Good time

Good to go

Good walls make good neighbours


Goody two-shoes

Grab the bull by its horns

Grain of salt

Grandfather clause

Grasp the nettle

Grass may be greener on the other side but it’s just as hard to mow

Grass roots

Grass widow

Graveyard shift

Gravy train

Grease monkey

Grease someone’s palm

Grease the skids

Greased lightning

Greasy pole

Great guns

Great minds think alike

Great Scott

Great unwashed

Great white hope

Greek to me

Green around the gills

Green fingers

Green light

Green thumb

Green with envy

Green-eyed monster


Grey area

Grey Cardinal

Grey cells

Grey matter

Grey pound

Grey suits

Grin and bear it

Grin like a Cheshire cat

Grinds my gear

Grinning like a shot fox

Grist for the mill

Grow in the telling

Growing pains


Gunboat diplomacy

Gung ho