İngilizce Türkçe Deyimleri H Harfi

Hail Mary pass


Hair of the dog

Hair on fire

Hairy at the heel

Hale and hearty

Half a loaf is better than no bread

Half a mind


Hammer and tongs

Hand in glove

Hand in hand

Hand that rocks the cradle

Hand to mouth

Hands down

Handsome is as handsome does

Handwriting like chicken scratch

Hang by a thread

Hang in the balance

Hang out to dry

Hang your hat on (something)

Hangdog expression

Hanged for a sheep as a lamb

Happy as Larry

Happy medium


Hard act to follow

Hard as nails

Hard by

Hard cheese

Hard miles

Hard of hearing

Hard on someone’s heels

Hard sell

Hard to come by

Hard up

Haste makes waste

Hat trick

Hatchet job

Hate someone’s guts

Haul someone over the coals

Have a ball

Have a bash

Have a blast

Have a crack

Have a foot in both camps

Have a go

Have a heart

Have a riot

Have a ripper

Have a trick up your sleeve

Have no truck with

Have someone in your corner

Have something up your sleeve

Have the floor

Have the guts

Have your cake and eat it too

Have your collar felt

Have your fill

Have your lunch handed to you

Have your moments

Have your tail up

Have your work cut out


Having a gas

Hay is for horses

He that travels far knows much

He who hesitates is lost

He who laughs last laughs longest

Head for the hills

Head is in the clouds

Head is mince

Head nor tail

Head on a spike

Head on the block

Head over heels in love

Head south

Heads will roll


Healthy as a horse

Heap coals on someone’s head

Hear a pin drop

Hear on the grapevine

Hear something on the grapevine

Hear something on the jungle telegraph

Heart in the right place

Heart in your boots

Heart in your mouth

Heart isn’t in it

Heart misses a beat

Heart of glass

Heart of gold

Heart of steel


Heath Robinson

Heaven knows

Heaven only knows

Heavenly bodies


Hedge your bets

Held hostage

Hell for leather

Hell in a handcart


Herding cats

Here today, gone tomorrow

Hide nor hair

Hiding to nothing

High and dry

High and low

High and mighty

High as a kite

High on the hog


High-wire act

Highway robbery

Himalayan blunder

Hindsight is twenty-twenty

Hit a nerve

Hit and miss

Hit below the belt

Hit home

Hit me with your best shot

Hit rock bottom

Hit rough weather

Hit the airwaves

Hit the books

Hit the bull’s-eye

Hit the ceiling

Hit the fan

Hit the ground running

Hit the hay

Hit the jackpot

Hit the mark

Hit the nail on the head

Hit the right note

Hit the road

Hit the roof

Hit the sack

Hit your stride

Hive of worker bees

Hobson’s choice

Hoist with your own petard

Hold all the aces

Hold the baby

Hold the bag

Hold the fort

Hold the torch

Hold the wire

Hold water

Hold your hands up

Hold your horses

Hold your own

Hold your tongue


Hollow leg

Hollow victory

Holy smoke!

Home and hearth

Home is where you lay your hat

Home stretch,

Home sweet home

Home, James

Honest as the day is long

Honest truth

Honor among thieves

Honours are even

Hook, line, and sinker


Hop, skip, and a jump

Hope against hope

Hope in hell

Hopping mad

Hornets’ nest

Horns of a dilemma

Horse of a different color

Horse trading

Horses for courses

Hostile takeover

Hot air

Hot as blue blazes

Hot as Hades

Hot button

Hot foot

Hot potato

Hot ticket

Hot to trot

Hot under the collar

Hot water



Hour of need

House of cards

How come

How do you like them apples

How long is a piece of string

How the hog ate the cabbage

How’s tricks?

Hue and cry

Humming and harring

Hung the moon

Hungry as a bear

Hunky Dory