İngilizce Türkçe Deyimleri K Harfi

Kangaroo court

Keen as mustard

Keep a straight face

Keep abreast

Keep an eye out

Keep at bay

Kill with kindness

Keep body and soul together

Keep in touch

Keep it on the Q T

Keep it under your hat

Keep mum

Keep posted

Keep someone at arm’s length

Keep someone on their toes

Keep tabs on someone

Keep the wolf at bay

Keep the wolf from the door

Keep under wraps

Keep up with the Joneses

Keep your chin up

Keep your cool

Keep your ear to the ground

Keep your eye on the ball

Keep your eye on the prize

Keep your eyes peeled

Keep your fingers crossed

Keep your hair on

Keep your head

Keep your head above water

Keep your nose clean

Keep your nose to the grindstone

Keep your options open

Keep your pants on

Keep your pecker up

Keep your powder dry

Keep your shirt on!

Keep your wig on!

Kettle of fish

Kick a habit

Kick away the ladder

Kick in the teeth

Kick into gear

Kick over the traces

Kick something into the long grass

Kick the ballistics

Kick the bucket

Kick the can down the road

Kick up a stink

Kick up your heels

Kick your heels

Kicked to touch

Kid gloves

Kill the fatted calf

Kill the goose that lays the golden egg

Kill two birds with one stone

Kill with kindness

Kindred spirit

King of the castle

King’s ransom

Kiss and tell

Kiss of death

Kiss something goodbye

Kissing cousin


Kith and kin

Knee slapper

Knee-high to a grasshopper

Knee-jerk reaction

Knickers in a twist

Knight in shining armour

Knit your brows

Knock ’em dead

Knock into a cocked hat

Knock on wood

Knock something on the head

Knock the pins from under someone

Knock your block off

Knock your socks off

Know a hawk from a handsaw

Know full well

Know the ropes

Know where all the bodies are buried

Know which side one’s bread is buttered on

Know which way the wind blows

Know your onions

Know your place