İngilizce Türkçe Deyimleri O Harfi

Object lesson

Odds and ends

Off colour

Off like a shot

Off on one

Off the beaten track

Off the chart

Off the cuff

Off the grid

Off the hook

Off the mark

Off the rails

Off the record

Off the scale

Off the shelf

Off the top of your head

Off the track

Off the wall

Off your chump

Off your guard

Off your rocker


Oh, my goodness!

Old chestnut

Old flames die hard

Old friends and old wine are best

Old hat

Old wives’ tale

Older than dirt

Older than the hills

Oldest trick in the book

Olive branch

On a fishing expedition

On a mission

On a razor edge

On a roll

On a shoogly peg

On a silver platter

On all fours

On board

On Carey Street

On fire

On good terms

On hold

On ice

On my back

On my watch

On pins and needles

On tenterhooks

On The Anvil

On the ball

On the blink

On the blower

On the cards

On the carpet

On the case

On the cheap

On the chopping block

On the dole

On the dot

On the double

On the face of it

On the factory floor

On the fiddle

On the flip side

On the fly

On the game

On the ground

On the hoof

On the hook

On the house

On the knock

On the knocker

On the lam

On the level

On the line

On the make

On the map

On the money

On the mound

On the never-never

On the nod

On the nose

On the off-chance

On the rebound

On the right foot

On the rocks

On the ropes

On the run

On the same page

On the same wavelength

On the shelf

On the skids

On the sly

On the stroke

On the stump

On the table

On the take

On the tip of your tongue

On the trot

On the up and up

On the uptake

On the wagon

On the wallaby track

On top of the world

On your high horse

On your last legs

On your soapbox

On your tod

On your toes

Once bitten, twice shy

Once in a blue moon

One bad apple

One fell swoop

One for the road

One good turn deserves another

One hand washes the other

One in the eye

One man’s loss is another man’s gain

One man’s meat is another man’s poison

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

One nail drives out another

One over the eight

One swallow does not make a summer

One-man band


One-trick pony

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches

Oops a daisy

Open all hours

Open book

Open old sores

Open old wounds

Open secret

Open the floodgates


Opening a can of worms

Opportunity knocks but once

Other fish to fry

Other side of the coin

Out and about

Out in the sticks

Out like a light

Out of hand

Out of my league

Out of pocket

Out of sight, out of mind

Out of sorts

Out of the blue

Out of the box

Out of the frying pan, into the fire

Out of the gate running

Out of the goodness of your heart

Out of the left field

Out of the mouths of babes

Out of the woods

Out of this world

Out of Whack

Out of your hair

Out of your mind

Out of your own pocket

Out on a limb

Out to lunch


Over a barrel

Over and over

Over my dead body

Over the counter

Over the hill

Over the moon

Over the top

Over your head

Over-egg the pudding