İngilizce Türkçe Deyimleri P Harfi

Packed like sardines

Paddle your own canoe

Page turner

Pain in the neck

Paint the town red

Paint yourself into a corner

Painted Jezebel

Pandora’s box

Paper over the cracks

Paper tiger

Par for the course

Parrot fashion

Part and parcel

Part of the furniture

Pass muster

Pass the buck

Pass the hat

Pass the time of day

Pastoral care

Patience of Job

Pay on the nail

Pay peanuts

Pay the piper

Pay through the nose

Pay your dues

Pea soup

Peanut gallery

Pearl of wisdom

Pecking order

Peeping Tom

Pen is mightier than the sword

Pennies on the dollar

Penny ante

Penny pincher

Penny wise, pound foolish

People person

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones

Pep talk

Perfidious Albion

Perish the thought

Pet peeve

Photo finish

Pick holes

Pick of the litter

Pick someone’s brains

Pick up the pace

Pick up the tab

Pick-up game

Picture perfect

Pie in the sky

Piece of cake

Pieces of the same cake

Pig in a poke

Pig in clover

Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered

Pigs might fly

Pile it on thick

Pin down with a label

Pin money

Pinch of salt

Pink pound

Pink slip

Pipe dream

Piping hot

Place in the sun

Plain as a pikestaff

Plain as the nose on your face

Plain Jane

Plain sailing

Plan B

Plastic smile

Play ball

Play by ear

Play fast and loose

Play for keeps

Play for time

Play hard to get

Play hardball

Play havoc

Play hooky

Play into someone’s hands

Play it by ear

Play out of your skin

Play possum

Play second fiddle

Play the field

Play the fool

Play with fire

Playing to the gallery

Please revert

Pleased as punch

Poacher turned gamekeeper

Poetry in motion

Point the finger


Poison pill

Poisoned chalice

Poker face

Pole position

Poles apart

Polish the apples

Polishing peanuts

Politically correct

Poor as a church mouse

Pop the question

Pop your clogs

Pork barrel


Pot calling the kettle black


Pound of flesh

Pour oil on troubled waters

Powder your nose

Powers that be

Practical joke

Practise what you preach

Preaching to the choir

Presence of mind

Press the flesh

Pressed for time

Prick up your ears

Pride goes before a fall

Prim and proper

Primrose path

Prince charming

Problem is thirty

Proclaim it from the rooftops

Prodigal son

Proof of the pudding is in the eating

Pros and cons

Proud as a peacock

Pull a rabbit out of your hat

Pull in the reins

Pull no punches

Pull numbers out of your ass

Pull out all the stops

Pull out of the fire

Pull rank

Pull someone’s leg

Pull strings

Pull the fat from the fire

Pull the other one, it’s got brass bells on

Pull the pin

Pull the plug

Pull the trigger

Pull the wool over someone’s eyes

Pull up your socks

Pull your chain

Pull your finger out!

Pull your punches

Pull your weight

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps

Pulling chocks

Punching bag

Pup’s chance

Puppy love

Purple patch

Push comes to shove

Push the envelope

Push the panic button

Pushing at an open door

Pushing up the daisies

Put a bug in your ear

Put a cork in it!

Put a sock in it

Put all your eggs in one basket

Put it on the cuff

Put lipstick on a pig

Put more green into something

Put off your stride

Put on a brave face

Put on airs

Put on your thinking cap

Put or get someone’s back up

Put some dirt on it

Put some mustard on it!

Put somebody’s nose out of joint

Put someone on a pedestal

Put someone out to pasture

Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Put the brakes on

Put the carriage before the horse

Put the kybosh on

Put the pedal to the metal

Put the screws on

Put to the sword

Put two and two together

Put up or shut up

Put you in mind

Put you in the picture

Put your best foot forward

Put your cards on the table

Put your foot down

Put your foot in it

Put your foot in your mouth

Put your hand on your heart

Put your heads together

Put your money where your mouth is

Put your oar in

Put your shoulder to the wheel

Put your thumb on the scales

Put yourself in someone’s shoes

Putting the cart before the horse

Pyrrhic victory