İngilizce Uzay Kelimeleri Testi

Testi çözün ve en sondaki Fun Fact kısmını okumayı unutmayın!

1) We will watch _____ in the night sky tonight.

2) A long time ago, in a ______ far far away.

3) The _________ of the Earth is the Moon.

4) Pluto is not a ______ anymore.

5) The Sun is the center of our _____ system.

6) _________ revolves around the Sun.

7) A ______ is like a huge cloud in space.

8) We can never see a __________ with our own eyes.

9) A _____ is a meteor made of ice and dust.

10) A _________ happens when a big star dies.


İngilizce uzay kelimeleri slaytı için buraya tıklayın

Fun Fact!


Since 2006, Pluto is considered a “dwarf-planet”, which means it is not massive enough to be a planet, but also too massive to be a meteor. It is such a small planet that it shares a gravitational center with its biggest moon, Charon, which leaves this center actually in the space! To compare, we know that the center of gravity on Earth is at our planet’s core. But on Pluto, the center is not on Pluto at all, but somewhere in the sky.