Intermediate Level – İngilizce Seviye Testi

  • Intermediate Level – İngilizce Seviye Testi

    1. My mother usually _______ the housework at home, but today my father ___________ the floor and ________ the kitchen because my mother is ill.

    1. John _____ off the tree while he _________ at the bird’s nest closely. Luckily, he didn’t break a bone.

    1. A: I have already bought the ticket. I _________ to Australia tomorrow.
    B: Oh, nice! I hope it _________ a nice trip.

    1. My brother went to Canada last summer. He _______ abroad before.

    1. After John _____ his driving test three times, he ____ his driving licence.

    1. A: We have a meeting at 10 pm tomorrow. Would you like to come?
    B: I’m afraid I can’t. _____

    1. I don’t think John loves you. If he really _____ you, he _____ so horrible to you.

    1. A: Did you like the film?
    B: Yes, it is ________ I’ve ever seen.

    1. The burglars _________ by the police yesterday.

    1. I hope fewer chemicals _________ by food companies in the future.

    1. According to a new study, people ______ rooms are in mess are more clever than others.

    1. I have a dog ______ can swim far faster than an average swimmer.

    1. The café _____ I first met my wife will be destroyed next week. I feel really sad.

    1. The film isn’t very funny. The children are getting ____.

    1. John’s sister _____ get up early at a high school, but now she always gets up at ten as a university student.

    1. The teacher gave me ________ useful advice about how to improve my English.

    1. You _______ wear a tie to the interview; otherwise, you won’t get the job.

    1. A: Where are John’s shoes?
    B: I’ve no idea, but they _____ in his room.

    1. The earlier you start your journey, _______.

    1. Jane’s father asked me ____ I really liked his daughter, and I said yes.

    1. I have taken some books with me ____ I can read them during the journey.

    1. ________ , we can spend a lot of time swimming and fishing.

    1. Never forget to close the windows _____

    1. A: ______ have you been studying English?
    B: Since I was seven years old.

    1. John is good ____ English; therefore, his parents are proud ____ him.