Present Simple ve Simple Past Tense Test-1

For the questions below, please choose the best option.(Aşağıdaki sorular için en uygun cevabı seçiniz.)

JAMAICA is a large island in the Caribbean Sea. Nearly a million tourists visit the island every year to relax in the sun and swim in the clear blue sea. For tourists, the island is a paradise, but for most Jamaican people life is hard. There are very few jobs, except in the tourist industry. Jamaica is also famous for reggae music.


Dear Mary,

I had a fantastic holiday in Jamaica. It was hot and the sea was blue and lovely. I travelled by plane from London to Kingston. I really enjoyed the flight. It was eight hours long but I didn’t sleep at all because I was so excited. During the flight I listened to music, watched a film and talked to the girl in the seat next to me. I stayed with my aunt and uncle in Kingston. They invited me on a trip to Montego Bay. We stopped at an Orchid Farm. It was brilliant. On my last night there I didn’t get to bed until there o’clock in the morning!

See you soon!

Love, Elizabeth

1- Did she go to Jamaica?

2- How did she go to Kingston?

3- How was the weather?

4- What did she do on the plane?

5- Did she visit her grandparents?

6- Did she like the Orchid Farm?

7- When did she go to bed on her last night?

8- Where is Jamaica?

9- What do the tourists do in Jamaica?

10- How is the life for Jamaican people?