Question Words Boşluk Doldurma Testi

Aşağıdaki question words sorularına en uygun wh sorusunu seçiniz.

___________ her name?- Her name is Buse

______________ is she sad? – Because she lost her dog.

_______________ did start your diet? – I started last Monday.

_______________ do you usually eat hamburger? – I usually eat hamburger at the Star café.

_______________ happened to your brother? – He broke his leg.

________________ is your brother today?  - He is better today

________________ will you be next week? – I will be in Brazil  

________________ were you born? – I was born in 2000

________________ orange juice are there? – There is a little orange juice.  

_______________ is your best friend? – My best friend is Tom.