Relative Clause: the reason why, when & which Test

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1-This is the cake ____ I made yesterday.

2-June is the month ____ summer starts.

3-The police didn’t find out ____ the accident happened. They're still investigating the exact cause.

4-I liked the dress ____ I saw yesterday.

5-1995 is the year ____ I was born.

6-_____ I came here was very important.

7-Yesterday was the day ____ everything was all right.

8-I missed the bus, ___ means that I may be late.

9-The country ___ I want to visit is Spain.

10-I don’t know _____ he left school.

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Relative Clause: Yer isimleriyle ilgili kelimelerden sonra ne zaman” where” ne zaman “which” kullanılır?

Relative Clause: Zamanla ilgili kelimelerden sonra ne zaman “when” ne zaman “which” kullanılır?

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