Relative Clause: Tüm Relative Pronounlar Testi

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1-I don’t remember the boy ____ lives in Netherlands.

2-1881 is the year ____ Atatürk was born.

3-I always help the elderly, ___ makes me happy.

4-The hotel _____ we spent out holiday was very luxurious.

5-The girl ___ is singing a song is my sister.

6-The restaurant ___ we eat our lunch is far away from here.

7-Where is the watch ____ we bought yesterday?

8- Everybody ___ watched the film liked it very much.

9-Our teacher asked questions ____ were very easy

10-The person ___ I want to see is my close friend.

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Relative Clause Kısaltması: Reduced Relative Clause, Reduction of Relative Clauses

Relative Clause: Yer isimleriyle ilgili kelimelerden sonra ne zaman” where” ne zaman “which” kullanılır?

Relative Clause: Zamanla ilgili kelimelerden sonra ne zaman “when” ne zaman “which” kullanılır?

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