Relative Clause: who, which & where Testi

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1-She loves the boy ____ is sitting next to us.

2-This is the hotel ____ we spent our holiday.

3-Here is the room ____ I study.

4-He is the man _____ is married to a doctor.

5-This is the city ____ I was born.

6-I liked the house ____ had a garage.

7-The computer _____ I bought yesterday is very functional.

8-I know a friend ___ is from China.

9-The place _____ you live is very beautiful.

10-My friend ____ is a teacher lives in Ankara

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Relative Clause: Yer isimleriyle ilgili kelimelerden sonra ne zaman” where” ne zaman “which” kullanılır?

Relative Clause: Zamanla ilgili kelimelerden sonra ne zaman “when” ne zaman “which” kullanılır?

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