Relative Clause “who”, “which”&”where” Testi

Doğru şıkkı işaretleyiniz

1) The lake ____ only women were allowed to swim dried this summer.

2) The man ____ was arrested for theft was released for lack of evidence.

3) The woman’s purse ____ were stolen was never found.

4) Alvin ___ lost his little brother found him again by the park.

5) They played in the park _____ he found his brother.

6) Tabitha wants to buy a new phone ___ has a better camera

7) John, ___ is a professional basketball player, wants to retire early.

8) Mikul wants to live in a place ____ there are no cars and traffic.

9) Amara left the city to live a life ___ is very peaceful.

10) Kane, ___ loved Amara, went with her.