Doğru şıkkı işaretleyiniz

Jack: "I work in an office." Jack told me (that) ___worked in an office.

Raymond and Luke: "We play football." Raymond and Luke told me (that)___played football.

Vicky: "I like my cat." Vicky told me (that) ___liked___cat.

Rick: "Can you see me?" Rick asked me if___could see___

Julius: "I will have to borrow your pencil." Julius told me (that) ___would have to borrow ___ pencil.

Mel: "My father is Carribean." Mel told me (that) ___ father is Carribean

Emily and Dorian: "Can we use your camera?" Emily and Dorian asked us if ___ could use___  camera.

Luke: "How is your journey?" Luke asked me how ___ journey was.

Bethany and Beth: "We love our pets." Bethany and Beth told me (that)___loved ___pets.

Grandma: "Please bring me a cup of my coffee." Grandma told me to bring ___ a cup of ___ coffee.