Simple Present and Present Continuous Tense Paragraf Testi

Aşağıdaki soruları paragrafa göre cevaplayınız.

My name is Katy Smith. I live on a farm with my mother and father. I like it but I work very hard. Every morning I wake up at six o’clock and feed the horses. Then I can go back to the house. Mum makes breakfast at 6:30 and I’m not late for breakfast because I don’t like cold eggs. After breakfast I help dad for an hour. Then I have a shower and get ready for school. The school bus leaves at 8:15. I leave home at 8:00.

After school I can watch TV for an hour. Then we have our dinner. We have chicken for dinner but I hate it. I eat it because mum gets angry. After dinner I do my homework. Then I go out and feed the horses. I go to bed early because I’m always very tired at the end of the day.

Where does Katy live?

What time does she get up every morning?

Who makes breakfast every morning?

Why isn’t she late for breakfast?

When does she have a shower?

She doesn’t like the farm

Katy doesn’t work very hard

Katy has a shower before 8:15.

Katy’s mother doesn’t like chicken

After dinner Katy feeds the horses