Starter Level – İngilizce Seviye Testi

  • Starter Level – İngilizce Seviye Testi

  1. A: ___?
B: I’m 15 years old.

  1. A: ____ are you and your brother?
B: We are in the park.

  1. A: _____ is this umbrella?
B: It’s 100 Turkish Liras.

  1. Which is correct?

  1. What is the correct order?
I- I’ll take the green one. Thank you. Goodbye. II- Hello. Can I help you? III- They’re ten dollars each. IV- Yes, please. How much are these shoes?

  1. My name’s Tom. I ______ two brothers and a sister.

  1. A: ____?
B: He’s got dark hair.

  1. My father is my mother’s _____.

  1. John has got a lot of money. _____

  1. Atatürk, the great Turkish leader, died at _____ on November 10, 1938.

  1. _________ in Green Street. We can dance there.

  1. A: How many bedrooms are there in your house?
B: ____.

  1. A: Excuse me. Can you tell me the time, please?
B: ____?

  1. Look! There’s a cow in the Street. ____.

  1. I _______ Italian food. Pizza is my favourite.

  1. What is the correct order?
I- He goes to bed.   II- He has dinner.   III- He starts school.  IV- He comes home after school.  V- He has breakfast.  VI- He gets up.

  1. A: ____?
B: I read a book, listen to music and play computer games.

  1. I am a vegetarian. I ____ eat meat or fish.

  1. This is my girlfriend. ___ lives in the Low Street.

  1. We can’t make omelette. There are ____ oranges in the fridge, but we haven’t got ___ butter.

  1. ____. They have a football match.

  1. Tom’s parents ____ TV every evening.

  1. You can’t finish this job today. You are working very ____.

  1. John ate ____ egg and _____ cheese for breakfast.

  1. A: Where were you yesterday?
B: ___.