Tartışma ve Öneride Bulunma Diyaloğu

Onur: Why did you argue with your father?

Hüseyin: It is a matter of generation gap. He doesn’t understand me. He wants me to behave how he wants.

Onur: Why do you say so?

Hüseyin: He wants me to study every time, never lets me share time for my personal interests. I think he has forgotten that I am just 12 years old. I want to watch TV, play computer games, meet my friends like others do.

Onur: I see. Have you ever tried to talk to him?

Hüseyin: Many times. But he never listens. He says he wants the best for me.

Onur: What about your mother?

Hüseyin: She is like my father. She says her friends’ children are super-children.

Onur: I hope they will change in time.

Hüseyin: I don’t think so.