too veya enough testi

Too – Enough testi

Testten önce bilmemiz gereken sıfatlardan önce too gelir ve aşırılık katar enough ise yeterince anlamındadır ve sıfattan sonra gelir

1    This is a nice restaurant but it’s ______ expensive.

2.  I don’t like the weather here.  It rains ______ much.

3.  Can you turn the music up?  It’s not loud ________.

4  The book wasn’t interesting ________ to read to the end.

5 I ’m not good ________ to play football professionally.

6  I’m not getting up now.  It’s _______ early.

7   Our class is ______ big.

8 This soup is for me to drink.

9 He is intelligent.............. to solve this problem.

10 He is...........short to play basketball.