Upper Intermediate Level – İngilizce Seviye Testi

  • Upper Intermediate Level – İngilizce Seviye Testi

  1. The old woman is searching everywhere fussily. She __________ something valuable.

  1. A: Which man is the doctor? The man with old clothes?
B: That man ____  a doctor. He looks very poor.

  1. John had an awful accident last week. If he hadn’t drunk alcohol, he _________ an accident.

  1. We will be celebrating the festival ............ .

  1. The meeting is at 10 tomorrow. I hope you’ll have completed the report _____.

  1. We stayed at home last night. We went to _______ the cinema ____ the café.

  1. John got lost in the forest but it was his fault. He _______ a map and a compass.

  1. A: I can’t find my glasses.
B: .................... A: Then I’ll search them there.

  1. The Eiffel Tower, _____ is the only high structure in Paris, can be seen through a plane window easily.

  1. My father ___________ for almost ten years, but he hasn’t sold a single picture yet.

  1. We were unlucky last night. _______ by the time we arrived at the party.

  1. A: Did you go to see Mr Harrison yesterday?
B: ____.  I wish I hadn’t gone there.

  1. If only I had a few days off, ----

  1. John, who is 84 years old, has just won a lot of money from the bitcoin trade. ________

  1. The rock was too heavy, so __________ was able to lift it.

  1. A: I can’t see very well. Moreover, my eyes hurt.
B:  _________ A: Thank you. I will.

  1. Although they didn’t normally let passengers to take liquid materials into the plane, ____

  1. I’ve no idea about _____

  1. When I returned home last night, someone had ___________ my house and stolen my TV.

  1. My mother was very tired yesterday. Therefore, she didn’t do any housework. I mean, _____

  1. I could never forget __________ İstanbul in 2015. I had a great deal of fun.

  1. I can’t lend you my car unless you promise _______dangerously.

  1. We went to café to have some drink ________ we had had dinner at home.

  1. By the time the police arrived, the paintings ___________ already.

  1. A: Would you be able to defend yourself if you ________?
B: I suppose I would.