Am-Is-Are (Verb to be) Testi -2

Read the passage and answer the questions.(Parçayı okuyunuz ve sorulara cevap veriniz.)

Mary:   I am Mary Berger. Are you John Turner?

John: Yes, I am. Are you English?

Mary:   Tom is. I am French. Are you from the United States?

John: Yes, I am. Tom, are you from London?

Tom:   Yes, I am. Are you from California?

John: No, I am from New York City. Is London a big city?

Tom:     Yes, it is a big city. Mary, are you from Lyon?

Mary:   Yes, I am from Lyon.

Tom:   Is Lyon near Florence?

Mary:   No, it isn’t. Florence is in Italy.

Tom:      Oh, isn’t it in France? I am a real fool.

John: No, Tom. Of course you are not a fool! Are you and Mary students?

Tom:   I am a student. She is an actress in France. We are tourists in the United States.

Mary:   Are you a student, Jordan?

John: No, I am not a student. I’m a lawyer. I am on a holiday.

NOT: True=Doğru        False=Yanlış

1-Where is John from?

2-Where is Florence?

3-What Mary and Tom doing?

4-Where is Tom from?

5-What is Mary’s job?

6- Tom is English.

7- London is not a big city.

8- Mary is from the United States.

9- John is a teacher.

10- Mary is an actress in London