Yes/No Testi

Doğru şıkkı işaretleyiniz

1)         -Do you have your flashlight? -..., I don’t.

2)         -Can you climb that tree? -..., I can.

3)         -May I come in? -..., please come back in ten minutes.

4)         -Did you do something different with the house? -..., I changed the colour of the living room and the kitchen.

5)         -Are you free next monday? -..., would you like to go to the theatre with me?

6)         -Are we going to the theatre today? -..., I have to visit my friend at the hospital, I’m sorry.

7)         -Are you going to help me with the decorations? -..., of course. I can carry the heavy stuff and you tell me where to put them.

8)         -Did he call you? -..., and he probably won’t.

9)         -Will you marry me? -I’m sorry, but …

10)       -Are you mad at me? -Well, …, because you made me.