Arabayı Tamir Ettirme Diyaloğu

Saffet: We are going on holiday next week. Before it, I need to get my car serviced. But you know, I am new in this city so could you recommend me a place?

Ali: Of  course, I would. I can take you to the mechanic where I always take my car.

Saffet: You know I am a meticulous person. I always want the best. Is it really an ideal place?

Ali: I think you have not understood me well enough. I told you that I always have my car fixed there.

Saffet: I see, but when I was in Burdur I always had the best mechanic repair my car, that is why I want the best mechanic here too.

Ali: Saffet, my mechanic Neco is the best not only in this city but also in the whole country. Do you want me to call him and make a reservation for tomorrow or ….?

Saffet: Ok. Don’t be angry; just try to understand me please. Call him for tomorrow. By the way, are you sure he is really good?

Ali: Find one yourself. I am not calling him.

Saffet: Come on, I was just kidding.