Depresyonda Olma ve Öneride Bulunma Diyaloğu

Emel: I feel bad and depressive.

Tolga: Why? Are you having difficult times?

Emel: Not really. I don’t know why but nowadays I am in a bad mood.

Tolga: Do you have any financial or personal problems?

Emel: No, everything is good with me; job, family and others. So do you want to make a suggestion?

Tolga: I think you should first start with your clothes. You should go and buy brighter colours.

Emel: Do you mean these clothes in black affect my mood?

Tolga: Yeah. I am not a psychologist but I have heard that dark colours affect people negatively.

Emel: You may be right. So come with met o a shopping centre so that I can buy some t-shirts in purple, pink and blue.

Tolga: I was planning to do some shopping for my brother’s wedding. Could you wait for a few seconds?

Emel: I will. Don’t worry.