Günümüzde veya gelecekte bir koşula bağlı olarak gerçekleşme ihtimali olan durumlardan söz edilirken Type 1 kullanılır.

not: Gelecekle ilgili bir durum verilse de koşul (if) cümlesi, gelecek zaman eki (will) alamaz.


If you will go, I will come with you.    =  FALSE

If you go, I will come with you.             = TRUE


1.If + Simple Present + Simple Future (will)


If you eat too many candies, your teeth will decay.


The children will go out if their parents let them.


If my dad doesn’t retire this year, he will buy another house.


2.If + Simple Present + Present Modals (can/should/may)

If my brother finishes his homework early, he can watch TV.

Sam may teach you how to drive a car if you ask him.

If you get nervous before an exam, you should listen to music to relieve yourself.





3.If + Simple Present + Imperative

Imperative (emir) cümleleri fiille başlar.


If you see him, tell him I love him very much.

Tidy your room if you have time.

If the weather is cold for you, put on your coat.