İngilizce Passive Simple Present ve Past Tense Alıştırma

İngilizce Passive Simple Present ve Past Tense Alıştırma

Aşağıdaki parantez içindeki kelimelerle boşlukları doldurunuz. Passive form Simple present ve ya simple past tense

kullanınız. Gerektiğinde edat kullanınız.

Complete the sentences with the words in parentheses. Use the PASSIVE form, SIMPLE PRESENT or SIMPLE PAST. Include PREPOSITIONS where necessary.

(close) When we got to the post office, it ___________________.


(make) My earrings ___________________ gold.


(divorce) Sally and Tom were married for six years, but now they ___________________.


(relate) Your name is Tom Hood. ______ you ___________________ Mary Hood?


(spoil) This fruit ___________________ I think I’d better throw it out.


(exhaust) Last night I ___________________, so I went straight to bed.


(involve) Last week I ______________________ a three-car accident.


(locate) The University of Washington __________________ Seattle.


(drink) Ted ________________________. He’s making a fool of himself.


(interest) I ___________________ learning more about that subject.


(devote)      Linda loves her job. She ___________________ her work.


(lose) What’s the matter, little boy? ______ you ___________________?


(terrify) Once when we were swimming at the beach, we saw a shark. All of us ________________.


(acquaint) ________ you ___________________ Sue’s roommate?


(qualify) I didn’t get the job. The interviewer said that I _________ not _____________________ it.


(disappoint) My son brought home a report card with all D’s and F’s. I can’t understand it. I

___________________ him.


(do) At last, I ______________________ my homework. Now I can go to bed.


(crowd) There are too many students in our class. The classroom ___________________.


(shut) It’s starting to rain. _____________ all of the windows ___________________?


(go)Where’s my wallet? It ________________! Did you lake it?