İngilizce Short Answers (İngilizce Kısa Cevaplar)


(İngilizce Kısa Cevaplar)

■ Short answer for subject questions 


Özneyi soran sorulara kısa cevaplar sadece özneyi söyleyerek veya özne + yardımcı fiille verilebilir.


Who invented the light bulb?


Edison did.


Who is angry?


John is.


Who has got a car?


Jill has.


Who didn’t take a map?


Jerry didn’t.


Who wants this hamburger?


I do.


Who lost the key?


She did.


Who can answer this question?


They can.


■ Nesneyi soran sorulara sorulan kelime veya nesne zamiri kullanılabilir.


What do you want?

An apple.


What are you doing?

Washing my hands.


Where are they?

In the garden.


What time is the match?

At 4 o’clock.


Who do you want to see?



Who are you angry with?



  Short answers for Yes/No questions


Yes/No sorularına kısa cevap vermek için soruya uygun zamir (I, he, she, it, we, you, they) ve yardımcı fiil kullanırız.


Are you happy today?

Yes, I am.

No, I’m not.


Has your father got a computer?

Yes, he has.

No, he hasn’t.


Can your sister cook?

Yes, she can.

No, she can’t.


Were you at home yesterday?

Yes, we were.

No, we weren’t.


Am I late?

Yes, you are.

No, you aren’t.


Does George like tennis?

Yes, he does.

No, he doesn’t.


Will they come to the wedding?

Yes, they will.

No, they won’t.


Did you go to school yesterday?

Yes, I did.

No, I didn’t.


Is it raining now?

Yes, it is.

No, it isn’t.


Have the children gone to bed yet?

Yes, they have.

No, they haven’t.



Kısa olumlu cevaplarda yardımcı fiil kısaltılmaz.

Yes, I am. (Yes, I’m. olmaz)

Yes, he is. (Yes, he’s. olmaz)

Yes, they are. (Yes, they’re. olmaz)