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1. I think you are the only foreigners in your site. There are 35 villas and 34 belong to Turkish people. How are things there?

2. I am thinking about going on holiday in Turkey this summer. I’ll probably visit Konya. There are many cultural differences. Do you have any advice for me about Konya?

3. Tell me one common point of Turkish culture and Japanese culture?

4. Have you been to New York City?

5. Why do you think people want to immigrate to Canada?

6. I strongly advise you to visit the Bergama museum in Berlin.

7. You have been living in the states for several years. What is the first thing that you can say about America?

8. You moved to the USA about ten years ago, so you know both Turkish culture and American culture. What is the most important difference between Turkish people and American people?

9. I want to go to the Hampshire Mall. How can I go there?

10. Can you tell me the time in Canada at the moment?

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