Vacation – İngilizce Tatil Quiz

Vacation – İngilizce Tatil Quiz

  1. – 6. soruları paragrafa göre cevaplayınız.
Hello my name is Abby and I’m from Australia. Last summer my family and I went to Turkey. We visited Haghia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Blue Mosque and Taksim Square in Istanbul. It was really beautiful, Istanbul is a great city. We went to Ankara, too. We saw Anıtkabir there. And then we went to Antalya, we rented a summer house there. The weather was really so hot. I didn’t go anywhere before 5.00 p.m. I read books and chatted with my friends online. I went swimming with my family everyday. Last summer holiday was great for me.
  1. Where did they go last summer?

  1. Where did they visit in Istanbul?

  1. How was the weather in Antalya?

  1. Where did they go in Ankara?

  1. How was the last summer holiday for Abby?

  1. Where did she go with her family everyday?

  1. We went to Kırıkkale for semester holiday
Altı çizili kısmı buldurmaya yönelik soru aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?

  1. What did you do in holiday?
Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki sorunun cevabı olamaz?

  1. Who did you go to Çeşme with?
Yukarıdaki sorunun cevabı aşağıdakilerden hangisi olabilir?

  1. My last summer holiday was wonderful
Altı çizili kısmı buldurmaya yönelik soru hangisidir?